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The Hard Way

The Hard Way
Directed by
John Badham
Michael J. Fox
James Woods
Stephen Lang
Annabella Sciorra
John Capodice
Luis Guzman
LL Cool J
Mary Mara
Delroy Lindo
Conrad Roberts
Penny Marshall
Christina Ricci
George Cheung
Frank Geraci
Sophie Maletsky
Lewis Black
Rand Foerster
Anderson Matthews
Kathy Najimy
Yasiin Bey
Dwayne McClary
Sharrieff Pugh
Anthony Thomas
Howard Stick Baines
Shawn McLean
Curtis McClarin
Keenan Leung
Bill Cobbs
Jack Gindi
John Costelloe
Leif Riddell
Johnny Sanchez
Joseph Tripi
Karen Lynn Gorney
Janet Sarno
Jan Speck
Holly Kuespert
John Ring
Michael Jeffrey Woods
William Truesdale
Mark Woodcock
Ed Setrakian
David Sosna
Adore O'Hara
Michael Badalucco
Jordanna Freedman
Merrill Witten
Fracaswell Hyman
Mario Bosco
Bryant Gumbel
Craig Boccia
George G. Colucci
Trish Cook
David Hummel
Anibal O. Lleras
Isabella Martinez Wall
Ronald Rand
Kariim Ratcliff
Charles Scorsese
Frank Stellato

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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