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14th November
The Imitation Game

Directed by

Morten Tyldum


Matthew Goode
Charles Dance
Allen Leech
Tuppence Middleton
Rory Kinnear
Steven Waddington
Tom Goodman-Hill
Matthew Beard
Hayley Joanne Bacon
Hannah Flynn
Grace Calder
Ancuta Breaban
Alex Lawther
James Northcote
Victoria Wicks
Jack Bannon
Luke Hope
Esther Eden
Bartosz Wandrykow
Lee Asquith-Coe
Jack Tarlton
Will Bowden
Alexander Cooper
Joseph Oliveira
Lisa Colquhoun
Charlie Manton
Sam Exley
Alex Corbet Burcher
Richard Campbell
Dominic Charman
Stuart Matthews
John Redman
Guna Gultniece
Ben Farrow
Laurence Kennedy
David G. Robinson
Nicola-Jayne Wells
Lauren Beacham
David Charkham
Denis Khoroshko
Peter Brown
Ilan Goodman
Adam Nowell
Oscar Hatton
Mike Firth
Alice Tapfield
Josh Wichard
Leigh Dent
Amber-Rose May
Jack Brash
Harry Leonard Parkinson
James Gard
James G. Nunn
Ingrid Benussi
Samantha Moran
Benjamin Hardie
Daniel Chapple
Nicholas Blatt
Vincent Idearson
Heather Broderick
Chris Cowlin
Debra Leigh-Taylor
Ryan Parker
Scott Stevenson

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The Imitation Game
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Weeks on box office: 9

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23rd March 2015

The young adult drama is big business at the moment and The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 1 this week enters the video chart at the top.

Released in UK cinemas on 21st November 2014 the film had a massive £12.6 million debut weekend, the 31 highest ever in the UK.

The film was on the box office chart for 8 weeks taking a total gross of £20.8 million during it's run.

In the UK it is the 78th highest grossing film ever while worldwide it is the 65th highest grossing movie with $807.5 million.

The Imitation Game fell from the top into the runner up spot on it's second week of release.

Other new film on the video chart this week are: Halo Nightfall at 4, Horns at 5 and Extraterrestrial at 13.

17th March 2015

At the UK video chart this week Oscar nominated The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch is the new number 1 film.

Released at UK cinemas on 14th November 2014 it entered the box office at number 2 with a weekend gross of £2.7 million.

The film spent 9 weeks on the official top 15 and is still floating around some cinemas on it's video release.

It is the 249th highest grossing film in the UK with a total gross of £16.2 million.

Other new films this week are: The Hundred Foot Journey at number 2, '71 at number 5, Ouija at number 6 and Assasin at number 11.

27th November 2014

As if there was any doubt about what would be at the top of the UK box office charts this week, and without any hassle The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 1 has a terrific first week of release.

Taking over £12 million on it's debut weekend this is the third in The Hunger Games series, which has grown in strength as each film has been released.

The previous film in the series took almost exactly the same on it's opening weekend, but the first film, which was introducing a new franchise to cinema, took far less at just under £5 million.

Last weeks top film, Interstellar, falls to third place this week with The Imitation Game staying put in second place.

Historical Charts

A year ago
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire took over at the top of the chart knocking Gravity down to second place.

Five years ago
Another franchise, The Twilight Saga had it's second film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, enter at the top of the box office knocking 2012 down to second place.

Ten years ago
Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason kept it's hold on the top of the box office with the highest new film entering at 3, After The Sunset directed by Brett Ratner and starring Pierce Brosnan.

Fifteen years ago
The Sixth Sense was still enjoying it's run at the top of the box office with Harrison Ford starring in the Sydney Pollack directed film Random Hearts being the highest new film right down at seven.