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The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

Directed by


Tim Roth
William Hurt

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THE INCREDIBLE HULK Star Lou Ferrigno Says He Can't Take Mark Ruffalo's Version of The Hulk Seriously  GeekTyrant

As you all know, Lou Ferrigno played The Hulk in the classic 1978 series The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby, who portrayed Dr. David Banner. I loved that show!

Mon, 15th July 2019

The Incredible Hulk Star Lou Ferrigno Says He Can’t Take Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk Seriously  Comicbook.com

Lou Ferrigno, who portrayed the green-skinned alter-ego of Dr. David Banner (Bill Bixby) in 1978 television series The Incredible Hulk, admits he doesn't take ...

Sat, 13th July 2019

10 Ways That The Incredible Hulk Ties Into The Wider MCU  Screen Rant

Now that the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have wrapped up with Avengers: Endgame, it's fun to go back and connect all the dots that ...

Thu, 27th June 2019

These planned MCU plots never made it to screen – here's why  digitalspy.com

These are seven MCU plots and movies which never made it to cinema screens, and the reasons they got canned.

Fri, 12th July 2019

Original Hulk Lou Ferrigno on Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner: I Can't Take Him Seriously  MovieWeb

Lou Ferrigno can't take Mark Ruffalo "seriously" as the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ferrigno originally played the raging character on the landmark ...

Sat, 13th July 2019

Thor Is Now Marvel’s Longest-Running Movie Franchise  Screen Rant

Thanks to Taika Waititi directing Thor 4, Marvel Studios' longest-running movie franchise on-screen is now Thor, which began in 2011.

Wed, 17th July 2019

20th June 2013

Nothing could stop the Man of Steel from taking the top of the UK box office this week as Zack Snyers new take on Superman enters at the top.

We all saw it coming, like a speeding bullet perhaps, the re-imagined Superman franchise achieved big numbers last weekend. During it's opening weekend it took £11.2 million in Britain making it the 36 best opening weekend ever in the UK. After Earth falls into second place, not bad considering the bad reviews it's had.

Last year Prometheus was still at the top of the UK box office and during a quiet week for new releases Rocks of Ages was the highest new film at 4.

Five years go Sex and the City got knocked from the top spot into 2nd as The Incredible Hulk took over during it's opening weekend.

Ten years ago it was still all about The Matrix Reloaded riding the top spot while the highest new film was Identity at 3.

Fifteen years ago it was still The Wedding Singer at the top, and with almost no new films out that week the highest new film was Stiff Upper Lips right down at 10.

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The Incredible Hulk

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