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The Lion King

The Lion King
Directed by
Niketa Calame
Jim Cummings
James Earl Jones
Ernie Sabella
Jeremy Irons
Robert Guillaume
Moira Kelly
Whoopi Goldberg
Zoe Leader
Cheech Marin
Madge Sinclair
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Frank Welker
Cathy Cavadini
Judi M. Durand
Daamen J. Krall
David McCharen
Mary Linda Phillips
Phil Proctor
David Randolph
Evan Saucedo
Brian Tochi

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25th April 2017

The live action films continue with the release date of The Lion King announced as July 19th 2019.

Directed by Jon Favreau expect there to be lots on CGI, so how 'live' it will be remains to be seen.

7th October 2014

There was little doubt over what would be the top film this weekend at the UK box office, and with ease the David Fincher directed Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck debuts at the top.

It's weekend take of £4.1 million Gone Girl makes a very impressive October debut. It has a long way to go for it to be Ben Affleck's top grossing film which is currently Shakespeare in Love from 1999.

Director David Fincher also has an impressive box office record, his best film to date being 1995's Seven, his second film, and considered a classic.

Coming in quite respectably in second is Dracula Untold which debuts at number 2 with £1.7 million.

Falling a single place to number 3 this week is The Equalizer which add's £1.2 million to make a 10 day total of £4.3.

Last weeks top film was an event movie for one day only, which actually had some encore screenings which means it hans on and makes £114,000 this week but, as expected, tumbles down the chart this week.

Historical charts

1 year ago
Prisoners stayed at the top of the box office for a second week while the top new film was Filth at two.

5 years ago
The Fame remake stayed at the top for a second week leaving the highest new film to enter at two, The Invention of Lying.

10 years ago
Tennis film Wimbledon kept hold of the top spot leaving Layer Cake to debut in the runner up spot.

15 years ago
Adam Sandler starred in the highest new film of the week, debuting at one with Big Daddy, The Haunting fell to number two after a week at the top.

20 years ago
October 1994 saw the dominance of The Lion King keep it at the top film of the month while Pulp Fiction and Frankenstein debuted strong in the top 5.

25 years ago
The big film of October 1989 was Back to the Future Part II which was the top grossing movie, Septembers top film Shirley Valentine was still doing well.

31st March 2014

Frozen has been an unprecedented success for Disney, only the second cartoon to ever go over $1 billion at the world box office joining Disney/Pixars Toy Story 3 earlier this yeah.

Now Frozen has beaten the third Toy Story film to become the highest grossing animation ever with a world gross currently stinging at about $1.7 billion (and rising) compared to Toy Story 3's $1.6 billion.

Animation has accounted for some of the highest grossers of recent times, domestically and across the globe, last years in the UK Despicable Me 2 (from Dreamworks) was the highest grossing film of the year and fell just short of $1 billion worldwide.

Disney themselves have always down done well with The Lion King being the highest grossing animation from 1994 until Toy Story3's release in 2010, and The Lion King benefited greatly from it's 3D re-release a couple of years ago.

And to add to this, if you adjust ticket prices for inflation, according to many sources Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs is the most watched film at cinemas of all time, and guess what, thats Disney as well.

7th June 2009

Today marks, for some, a sad day in home entertainment, Pioneer have announced that they will stop making laserdisk players this month (June 2009).

Initially brought to market in 1978 under the name of Discovision the 12 inch disks were going to revolutionise home entertainment and bring that cinema quality high definition picture to the home.

Although the technology inside the huge players was far superior to that of it's magnetic tape (VHS and Beta) equivalents the lack of storage (60 minutes on each side) and high price stopped them from becoming a mainstream purchase.

American video enthusiasts took to the devices as did the Japanese, but Europe never really embraced the devices. VHS had a strong hold, and by the time people realised that their £15 film on the fragile tape was a bad idea and looked for alternatives the 5 inch DVD was hitting the market.

Despite it's hard life the format has laser 30 years and sold a quite respectable 360 million units. Disks didn't shift that many, Star Wars was one of the biggest sellers with 100,000 sold and The Lion King not far behind, although exact sales data is hard to find.

Check out the wikipedia page and an article on the demise at hometheatermag.com.

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