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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

Directed by


Armie Hammer
William Fichtner
Ruth Wilson
James Badge Dale
Bryant Prince
Mason Cook
JD Cullum
Saginaw Grant
Harry Treadaway
James Frain
Joaqun Cosio
Damon Herriman
Matt OLeary
W. Earl Brown
Timothy V. Murphy
Gil Birmingham
Damon Carney
Kevin Wiggins
Chad Brummett
Robert Baker
Lew Temple
Joseph E. Foy
Leon Rippy
Stephen Root
Randy Oglesby
Brad Greenquist
Rance Howard
Leonard Earl Howze
Travis Hammer
Steve Corona
Matthew Page
Jack Axelrod
Christopher Hagen
Freda Foh Shen
Margaret Bowman
Luz P. Mendez
Laina Loucks
Devon J. Adams
Desirae Anslover
Charlotte Cormier
Megan Pribyl
Briana Van Schuyver
Julie Stracener
Chad Randall
Jason E. Hill
Todd Anderson
Beth Bailey
Joanne Camp
John Keating
Stephen Brodie
Will Koberg
Jack Chang
Tad Jones
Robin McGee
Bob Rumnock
Grover Coulson
Tait Fletcher
Alex Knight
Argos MacCallum
David Midthunder
Allison Marie Volk
Pokey LaFarge
Joseph Glynn
Adam Hoskins
Ryan Koenig
Tom E. Rostkowski
Malachi Tsoodle-Nelson
Sean Durham
Anthony R. Burt
R.J. Kirkhope
Will Kirkhope
Kenneth Love
Erika Feerer
Claudia Adams
Walter Anaruk
Phil Arnold
James P. Bennett
Todd Bethke
Elgin Cahill
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Gio Dangadze
Carter DuBois
Kristine Fambrough
Scott Flick
Toni Ann Gambale
James Grummitt
Greg Herman
Andrew Hook
Kyle Jacobson
Jason D. Johnson
Albert Fry Jr.
Patrick Juarez
Ashley M. Kalfas
Tonya Kay
David Dustin Kenyon
Edward Khmara
Dustin Lane
Hope McCurdy
Robb Moon
Alexandria Morrow
Nick W. Nicholson
Martin Palmer
Tina Parker
Pablo Paz
Kathryn Phipps
Michael Neal Powell
Ronnie Rodriguez
Turner Ross
Davin Ruggles
Liam Ruggles
Carlos Sepulveda
Steve Shaw
Joel Thingvall
Aura Trentin
Shannan Wagenman
Sean Weimorts

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The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 3

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