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The Muppets

The Muppets
Directed by
Chris Cooper
Rashida Jones
Steve Whitmire
Eric Jacobson
Dave Goelz
Bill Barretta
David Rudman
Matt Vogel
Peter Linz
Alan Arkin
Bill Cobbs
Jim Parsons
Eddie Pepitone
Kristen Schaal
Sarah Silverman
Eddie Piolin Sotelo
Raymond Ma
Shu Lan Tuan
Donald Glover
Dahlia Waingort
Jonathan Palmer
Don Yanan
Michael Albala
Julia Marie Franzese
Gunnar Smith
Connor Gallagher
Justin Marco
Cameron Kasal
Justin Tinucci
Alex Long
Aria Noelle Curzon
James Carville
Leslie Feist
Whoopi Goldberg
David Grohl
Neil Patrick Harris
Judd Hirsch
John Krasinski
Rico Rodriguez
Tyler Bunch
Bruce Lanoil
Michelan Sisti
Paul McGinnis
Greg Ballora
David Alan Barclay
Tim Blaney
Kevin Carlson
Leslie Carrara
Kristin Charney
Nathan Danforth
Alice Dinnean
Julia Gunn
BJ Guyer
Tanya Haden
Patrick Johnson
Sean W. Johnson
Len Levitt
James Murray
Michael Oosterom
Karen Prell
Mike Quinn
David Skelly
Andy Stone
Art Gonzalez Vega
Alex Villa
Chase Woolner
Matthew Broadley
Johnny Cannizzaro
Troy Christian
Dan Crane
Joanna Newsom
Salomon Passariello
Charlie E. Schmidt
Karen Strassman
Wanda Sykes
Danny Trejo
Jerry Trent
Gabriel Aslan
Samuel Baca
Cole Barba
Greg Berg
Ross Blakeman
David Buehrle
Kelly Connolly
Osa Danam
Mike DeMille
Nick Drago
Zuri Goldman
Jane Graves
Justin Hall
Reese C. Hartwig
Jim Henson
Kenneth Hughes
Valerie Humbard
Brandon James
Bob Kaye
Linda Lay
Marca Leigh
Angelina McCoy
Cameron McIntyre
Chris Moss
Jerry Nelson
Erin Pickett
Britt Sanborn
Peter Sellers
Chris Spinelli
Victoria Strauss
Marco Tazioli
Corey Webber

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The Muppets

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Weeks on box office: 8

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