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The Post

The Post
Directed by
Bob Odenkirk
Tracy Letts
Bradley Whitford
Bruce Greenwood
Matthew Rhys
Carrie Coon
Jesse Plemons
David Cross
Zach Woods
Pat Healy
John Rue
Rick Holmes
Philip Casnoff
Jessie Mueller
Stark Sands
Michael Cyril Creighton
Will Denton
Deirdre Lovejoy
Michael Devine
Kelly Miller
Jennifer Dundas
Austyn Johnson
Brent Langdon
Michael Stuhlbarg
Deborah Green
Gary Wilmes
Christopher Innvar
Luke Slattery
Justin Swain
Robert McKay
Sasha Spielberg
Bryan Burton
Coral Pena
Dan Bittner
Kenneth Tigar
David Aaron Baker
Gannon McHale
Kevin Loreque
Francis Dumaurier
Stephen Mailer
Ned Noyes
John Henry Cox
Dan Bucatinsky
David Costabile
Johanna Day
Annika Boras
Carolyn McCormick
Susan Blackwell
Jordan Baker
Lauren Lim Jackson
Peter Van Wagner
Angus Hepburn
James Riordan
Kelly AuCoin
Cotter Smith
Ben Livingston
Stephen Rowe
Rick Crom
Fenton Lawless
Cullen Oliver Johnson
JaQwan J. Kelly
Brett G. Smith
Brett Diggs
Anthony M Walker
Saul Alvarez
Theis Weckesser
David Beach
Shawn Allen McLaughlin
Shaun O'Hagan
Thaddeus Daniels
Brendan Burke
Celeste Arias
Sonny Valicenti
Patrick Noonan
Will Blomker
Amy Russ
Aaron Roman Weiner
Catherine Wolf
Joel Nagle
Tom Bair
Walter Brandes
Juliana Davies
Hazel Mason
Ginger Mason
Sawyer Spielberg
Mark Jacoby
Jon Donahue
Seth Barrish
Clarke Thorell
Joseph Tudisco
Steve Witting
Gary Galone
Frank Ridley
Jeremiah Wiggins
Alexander Sage Oyen
Brittney Johnson
Caleb Eberhardt
Don McCloskey
Estelle Bajou
Kaylyn Scardefield
Leslie Kujo
Lilli Cooper
Odiseas Georgiadis
Sean Meehan
Steven Kearney
Curzon Dobell
Matthew Piazzi
Armand Schultz
Jerry Lobrow
Mark Pinelli
Jason Abrams
Robert Arensen
Marshall Axt
Richard Stephen Bell
Marko Caka
Stacey Alyse Cohen
Richard R. Corapi
Walter Cronkite
Sandy Dell
Scott Eliasoph
Deborah Finley
Lora Lee Gayer
Kate Grimes
Larry Gurreri
Neal Huff
Lyndon Johnson
Shana Kaplan
Cory Kastle
John F. Kennedy
Kelsey Kyle
Jarrod LaBine
David Lamberton
Frankie Li
Randy Masters
Gage Maynard
Doris McCarthy
Kevin D. McGee
Alexander Mercier
Byron Eugene Meyer
Wayne J. Miller
Sheryl Minikes
Frank Modica
Robert Myers
Davide Petrillo
Andrew Raffelson
Alex Rak
Kelly Ryan
Edward Sass
Kent Sladyk
Sophia Smith
Dave Sorboro
Auden Thornton
Harry S. Truman
Rob Tunstall
Eha Urbsalu
Marla Aaron Wapner
Jake Wells
Denise Marie Whalen
Eden Wright
James Zeiss

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14th January 2019

In a time when superhero movies and special effects extravagansas rule its good to see a story driven Drama/Comedy hot the top spot with The Upside beating Aquaman this weekend.

A Dogs Way Home

The Upside

Film fans went for the Kevin Heart and Bryan Cranston starring comedy this weekend directed by Neil Burger in a pleasant surprise for the post holiday box office.

In a low taking box office the new release takes $19.5 million on its debut weekend.


Falling to number 2 this weekend the new memeber of the global $1 Billion club takes $17.2 million to boost its total US gross to $287.8 million.

A Dogs Way Home

Also new this week at number 3 is this dog based film starring Bryce Dallas Howard and directed by Charles Martin Smith which manages a debut weekend of $11.3 million.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Sony's animated hit falls to number 4 this week this a weekend of $9 million bringing the US gross to $147.7 million.

Escape Room

Finishing off the top 5 is last weeks top new film which takes $8.9 million on its second weekend which brings the films total of $32.4 million.

30th January 2018

Doing a yoyo back up the charts this week is the award laden and Oscar hopeful Darkest Hour which goes back to the top after a week away.

The whole of the top 5 was actually very close and all took over £2 million, not something you see that often, Darkest Hour took £2.6 million to brings its total to £15 million.

Falling to number 2 this week is Coco after a week at number 2, a £2.3 million weekend brings the total to £8 million.

Highest new entry of the week comes in at number 3 in the shape of threequel Maze Runner The Death Cure which takes £2.2 million over the weekend.

This is a very similar gross to both the other 2 films in the series and so should end up around the £8 million mark.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Greatest Showman which is doing great business and the biggest shock of the week Early Man which makes its debut at 5.

A new film from Aardman and directed by the great Nick Park should have challenged for the top spot, but a close top 5 gives it a £2 Million debut.

Worth noting, if the chart were counted on a weeks Monday - Sunday bases it would have been quite different, Darkest Hour would still have been the top film but The Greatest Showman would have been second The Post third with Coco fourth and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri fifth.

29th January 2018

At the US box office this week the third of the Maze Runner films, Maze Runner: The Death Cure makes a convincing debut at the top.

With a gross of $23.5 million for its debut weekend it is the lowest of the series, but interest has waned big time for the dystopian teen dramas and this is coming 18 months too late, a swift exit from the charts could happen.

Holding up well at number 2 is Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle which has far outstripped expectation and has taken $338 million in the US.

Hostiles comes in as a new entry at number 3, the critically praised film starring Christian Bale takes $10.2 million.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Greatest Showman at number 4 and The Post at number 5.

22nd January 2018

Steven Spielberg may have The Post currently in cinemas but he also has a new sci-fi film coming out in March called Ready Player One.

Check out this 3 minute featurette from Warner Bros. featuring Spielberg and author Ernest Cline.

22nd January 2018

At the US box office this weekend there was no shifting Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle as it stays at the top for a third weekend on its 5th weekend of release.

Proving to be a massive hit for Sony, and not a Spider-Man film a $20 million weekend brongs the films total to $317 million.

Highest new film of the weekend is 12 Strong starring Chris Hemsworth and lands in the number 2 spot with $16.5 million.

Also making a strong debut at number 3 is Den of Thieves starring Gerard Butler which lands with $15 million.

Finishing off the top 5 is The Post at number 4 and show incredible stability The Greatest Showman at number 5.

Movie details
UK total gross
UK top grossing film

US total gross

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Popular in: Russia and United States

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 5

Box Office History