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The Social Network

The Social Network

Directed by


Bryan Barter
Dustin Fitzsimons
Joseph Mazzello
Patrick Mapel
Toby Meuli
Alecia Svensen
Jami Owen
James Dastoli
Robert Dastoli
Scotty Crowe
Jayk Gallagher
Marcella Lentz-Pope
Trevor Wright
Barry Livingston
Marybeth Massett
Randy Evans
Denise Grayson
John Getz
Rashida Jones
Carrie Armstrong
Henry Roosevelt
Armie Hammer
Josh Pence
Max Minghella
David Selby
Pamela Roylance
Brian Palermo
Brett Leigh
Chris Gouchoe
Nicholas Tubbs
Kevin Chui
Richie Ferris
Burke Walton
Anh Tuan Nguyen
Inbal Amirav
Dane Nightingale
Stephen Fuller
John He
Nick Smoke
Cali Fredrichs
Shelby Young
Steve Sires
Brenda Song
Malese Jow
Victor Z. Isaac
Abhi Sinha
Mark Saul
Cedric Sanders
Nancy Linari
Douglas Urbanski
Inger Tudor
Aaron Sorkin
Mariah Bonner
Kyle Fain
Christopher Khai
Emma Fitzpatrick
Jeffrey Thomas Border
Courtney Arndt
Felisha Terrell
Zoe De Toledo
Simon Barr
Alex Leigh
Phil Turnham
Richie Steele
Chris Friend
Tom Harvey
Alex Olijnyk
Ray Poulter
Bob Hewitt
Dave Lambourn
James Padmore
Sebastian Kouba
Charles Herbert
Robin Dowell
Nathan Hillyer
James Shanklin
Alex Reznik
John Hayden
Oliver Muirhead
Shane Adler
Amy Ferguson
Monique Edwards
Cayman Grant
Wallace Langham
Scott Lawrence
Peter Holden
Darin Cooper
Jared Hillman
Caitlin Gerard
Lacey Beeman
Cherilyn Wilson
Caleb Landry Jones
Franco Vega
Andrew Thacher
Noah Baron
Mike Bash
Manika Beverly
Melanie Booth
David Broyles
Tony Calle
Kasey Canzano
Shannon Carter
Kristen Clement
Cooper Conley-Currier
Tyler Corbin
Nikki Dalonzo
Chad Davis
Mannie De Castro
Calvin Dean
Tony DeSean
Jonathan Doh
Jayson Douglas
Elliott Ehlers
Robert Ian Evans
Jeffrey Feingold
Jason Flemyng
Shawn Fogarty
Carlos Foglia
Bryan Forrest
Jessica Franz
Jennifer Polania Garcia
Chaseedaw Giles
Brian Guy
Josh Haslup
Jesse Heiman
Crystal Hoang
Eli Jane
JC Jones
Daniela Kalota
Paul S. Kim
Ren Knopf
Lynn LHeureux
Eric La Barr
Erica LaRose
Michael James Levy
Kandis Mak
Jeff Martineau
Adam Masnyk
Angelina McCoy
James McElroy
Naina Michaud
Sara Murphy
Brett Newton
Leigh Nicole
Rebecca Ocampo
Michael Ouellette
Adina Porter
Miriam Pultro
Tony Reinke
David Rivera
Vincent Rivera
Tia Robinson
Jeff Rosick
Alexandra Ruddy
Adrienne Rusk
Alice Ryan
Nicole Sadighi
Fred Salmon
Kyle Sauer
Luis Selgas
Jon Shannon
Lauren Simon
Nathan Dean Snyder
Richard Stephens
Patrick Michael Strange
Emily Sucher
Rebecca Tilney
Georgina Tolentino
Tina Toner
Ian Verdun
Riley Voelkel
David Michael Williamson
Taigtus Woods

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The Winklevoss twins have seen their wealth more than double since January, thanks to the frenzied rally of Bitcoin, which surged as much as 22% Wednesday.

Wed, 26th June 2019

Bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss: They're now famously successful cryptocurrency entrepreneurs with the bitcoin exchange Gemini  CBS News

Famously portrayed in "The Social Network" as the pair of Harvard athletes who believed Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook, they're now famously ...

Sun, 16th June 2019

The Social Network: Lessons from the Mediation That Resolved the Dispute Over the Founding of Facebook  JD Supra

Those who saw the award-winning film, The Social Network, are familiar with the dispute between Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins (and their ...

Thu, 13th June 2019

Meet Facebook's Libra, a digital currency for the social network  CBS News

The company is partnering with big names like Visa, Mastercard, Uber and Spotify to create a new global cryptocurrency.

Tue, 18th June 2019

‘The Social Network’ Was Right About Facebook All Along  WIRED

In 2010, Facebook was having a pretty good year. It was good because the site was still seeing massive user growth and it had seen its valuation balloon to $23 ...

Tue, 5th February 2019

Pariahs of Silicon Valley: How Ben Mezrich Writes About the Winklevoss Twins  Cointelegraph

Ben Mezrich's new book about the Winklevoss twins highlights their dislike of both Mark Zuckerberg and Roger Ver.

Fri, 21st June 2019

28th February 2011

Despite rumblings from many a commentator about maybe Colin Firth not getting an Oscar, or Natalie Portman being piped at the post by Annette Benning, in the end the Oscar evening went as predictably as you could imagine with just about everyone predicting all the major winners.

Colin Firth and Natalie Portman got their statues, while Christian Bale and Melissa Leo (both for The Fighter) got awarded. Maybe the most unpredictable award for the night was best film and director, most thought that The Social Network and its director David Fincher might clinch it, but The Kings Speech and director Tom Hooper took home the glory.

Toy Story 3 deservedly gained the best animated feature Oscar and in maybe a surprise move Banks diod not get the best documentary Oscar, so no stunt appearance, instead that went to Inside Job, a film from director Charles Ferguson about the financial crisis of 2008.

In all I suppose it was a predictable night, but one where all the Oscars went to deserved winners, something which rarely happens. The awards season is now over, a season which I used to get very excited about, and although I still look at the winners with interest I don't get nearly as excited as I did 10 years ago, maybe Oscar is no longer relevant?

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The Social Network

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The Social Network

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The Social Network

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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