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The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me
Directed by
Lewis Gilbert
Barbara Bach
Curd Jrgens
Richard Kiel
Caroline Munro
Walter Gotell
Geoffrey Keen
Bernard Lee
George Baker
Michael Billington
Olga Bisera
Desmond Llewelyn
Edward de Souza
Vernon Dobtcheff
Valerie Leon
Lois Maxwell
Sydney Tafler
Nadim Sawalha
Sue Vanner
Eva Reuber-Staier
Robert Brown
Marilyn Galsworthy
Milton Reid
Cyril Shaps
Milo Sperber
Albert Moses
Rafiq Anwar
Felicity York
Dawn Rodrigues
Anika Pavel
Jill Goodall
Shane Rimmer
Bob Sherman
Doyle Richmond
Murray Salem
John Truscott
Peter Whitman
Ray Hassett
Vincent Marzello
Nicholas Campbell
Ray Evans
Anthony Forrest
Garrick Hagon
Ray Jewers
George Mallaby
Christopher Muncke
Anthony Pullen Shaw
Robert Sheedy
Don Staiton
Eric Stine
Stephen Temperley
Dean Warwick
Bryan Marshall
Michael Howarth
Kim Fortune
Barry Andrews
Jeremy Bulloch
Sean Bury
John Sarbutt
David Auker
Dennis Blanch
Keith Buckley
Jonathan Bury
Nick Ellsworth
Tom Gerrard
Kazik Michalski
Keith Morris
John Salthouse
George Roubicek
Lenny Rabin
Irvin Allen
Yashaw Adem
Peter Ensor
Roy Alon
Paul Bannon
Jack Cooper
Jeremy Coote
Brian Gwaspari
George Leech
Ralph Morse
Bob Simmons
Victor Tourjansky
Chris Webb
Jeremy Wilkin
Michael G. Wilson

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