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The Two Jakes

The Two Jakes
Directed by
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson
Harvey Keitel
Meg Tilly
Madeleine Stowe
Eli Wallach
Rubén Blades
Frederic Forrest
David Keith
Richard Farnsworth
Tracey Walter
Joe Mantell
James Hong
Perry Lopez
Jeff Morris
Rebecca Broussard
Paul A. DiCocco Jr.
John Hackett
Rosie Vela
Allan Warnick
Susan Forristal
Will Tynan
Van Dyke Parks
William Duffy
Sue Carlton
Don McGovern
Luana Anders
Dean Hill
Pia Grĝnning
John Herman Shaner
Michael Shaner
Lee Weaver
Malek Abdul-Mansour
Kenneth Cervi
Annie Marshall
Ian Thorpe
Collette Northrop
Patricia Durham
Randi Ingerman
Joy Wayman
Bob George
Suzanne Mitchell
Alan Chaffin
Wyn Costello
Lisa Croisette
Jessica Z. Diamond
Scott Flynn
Benard Ihgner
Earl Palmer
Simeon Pillich
Herman Riley
Faye Dunaway
Paulie DiCocco
James Ent
Jeffery Thomas Johnson
Moreen Littrell
Meredith McKenzie-Alcus
John Michael Quinn
Tereza Rizzardi
Tom Waits

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