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The Upside

The Upside
Directed by
Julianna Margulies
Tate Donovan
Golshifteh Farahani
Genevieve Angelson
Aja Naomi King
Amara Karan
Kristina Aponte
Jahi DiAllo Winston
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
Christine Chang
Charmar Jeter
Annie Pisapia
Suzanne Savoy
Jennifer Butler
James M Adams
Alisha Poland
Rachel Alana Handler
Mark Kochanowicz
Pia Mechler
Robert Benn
Jon Douglas Rainey
Brian Gallagher
Julie Stackhouse
Charles W Harris III
Lyman Chen
Gary Ayash
Nekoda Phillips
Ursula Triplett
Scott Martin
Laura Hart
Rick Irwin
Madeleine Woolner
Michael Quinlan
Brian Tronieri
Nikee Warren
Nikki Corinne Thomas
J.J. Phillips
Ricky Garcia
Jayson Williams
Christopher Rex Stone
Dave Ferrier
Dominique Janelle
Jeffrey Mowery
Tariq James Arthur
Kevin D. Benton
Jibril Goodman
Gemma McIlhenny
Tony Barber
Mathew Darcy
Derek Zuzunaga
Michael J. Lyons
Rachel Christopher
Erin Shann
Michelle Santiago
Kimberly S. Fairbanks
Juan G. Sanchez
Fernando Mateo Jr.
Dennis P. Marburger
Adriana Alveario
Ricky Roma
Zak Corrigan
Diego Aguirre
Ronen Bay
Les Price
Julie Potter
Phillip Chorba
Valentino Rudi
Shawn Gonzalez
Brant Casey
Valerie Logan
Laura Jean
Chuck Rayner
Nancy Sokerka
David Sheridan
Matt Wier
Kirk Kelly
Terron Whitsett
Marco Rosario
Shawn Shillingford
Jeff Ost
Tom Schmitt
Kittson O'Neill
Kevin B. Mulligan
Mollie Rubinstein
Laura Beth Melchiorre
Julia Leusner
Andre Tucker Jr.
Aleksandra Svetlichnaya
Indra A. Thomas
Anthony B. Cooper
Chris Naples
Damian Muziani
Michael William Kondyra
Rigoberto Garcia
Carl Zingle
Karen Christie-Ward
James R. Ling
Red Mattos
Jaclyn McHugh
Sonya Giddings
Donna White
Katia Crivellari
Corinne Costa
David Baechle
Amy Shoremount-Obra
Nick Greece
Glen Macnow
Sharonda Harris Bunton
Francesca Mazzeo
Bryan Ramona
Kia Gordine
Junnie Lopez
Lynn Shiner
Tatiana St. Phard
John David Miles
Kia Gordine
Ernest DiLullo Sr.
Casey Donnelly
Angelia Holleger
Paul Shiner
Rob LaBoy
David Collihan
John Crann
Mark Falvo
Wesley Green
Dolores Hillgrube
Dominic Longo
Doris McCarthy
James Robinson Jr.
Shayna Ryan
Peter Valderrama

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Falling from the top spot this week after celebrating the $1 billion goal the DC movie takes $24.6 million from 80 countries which boosts its total to an amazing $1.06 billion.

The Upside

After an impressive debut last week the Kevin Hart comedy/Drama is at 4 this week taking $17.7 million from 44 countries which boosts its total global gross to $48 million.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Popular in: Canada

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Highest chart position: 8

Weeks on box office: 2

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