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The Wait


Piero Messina
Juliette Binoche
Giorgio Colangeli
Lou de Laage
Domenico Diele
Antonio Folletto
Corinna Locastro
Giovanni Anzaldo

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31st July 2012

Peter Jackson has officially announced that his Hobbit films will now be 3 rather than just 2.

Be cynical if you like but I actually think this is a great idea, it worked so well with The Lord of the Rings, and for 3 exciting year we had 3 excellent films, and I truly believe that Jackson can do the same again.

On that more cynical note, each of the Rings films took close to or over a billion dollars in box office grosses, and over the years created a massive buzz that probably drove merchandising sales through the roof, as well as creating DVD sales in standard forem and extended form.

You can see why it makes sense to turn this into a trilogy, New Line Cinema (and all other studios involved) have probably just made themselves another couple of billion dollars in revenue, as I'm sure, unless the first film is an absolute turkey, that these films will make over a billion at the box office each, and thats before you consider everything else. With no release date or title the details are still sketchy, but at the moment lets presume that this will take The Hobbit into 2014, thats this December, December 2013 and then December 2014 for the next film.

The good news in all this is that we should get to see the entire book turned into a film and any un-filmed stuff from the Middle Earth universe that has so far been untouched. Roll on this December when we find out if the wait has been worth it.

7th June 2009

Tonight I attended the UK premiere of the new Star Trek movie at the Empire Leicester Square on the heart of the West End in London, and what a night it was.

Although there was a wait of over an hour once I took my seat in the theatre and got chatting to a very nice couple sitting behind me, the wait was well worth it as JJ. Abrams and the full cast of the movie came in to introduce the film.

Simon Pegg who plays Scotty in the movie came in dressed in a kilt and took the mike to give a speach to his fellow Brits on how honored he was to be in the movie.

As for the film itself, WOW, what a film, action from start to finish, this is what so many other Star Trek movies have lacked in the past but this film piles on the action right from the word go.

Despite enjoying this film to the full I do still have some reservations, the story, although good and honour the Star Trek 40 year legacy it does take some liberties, the opening is really well done and I think true Trek Fans will love it, but, and I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, the time travel aspect of the film can be a little difficult to swallow.

I don't think I'm giving too much away by saying that original Spock Leonard Nimoy make an extended cameo in the film, but after the initial appearance I found his presence a little uncomfortable, and the final scene in the film although fascinating I found a little odd.

That said the new cast a just superb and Abrams has stayed true to the legend while giving non hard core fans enough reasons to go, there are some in joke which the true fans will roll around on the floor at, but they are well placed and are additions to the film and don't drive it.

Lets hope this film can reignite the series and in 4 or 5 films time we can explore the origins of The Next Generation crew.

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8 July 2016
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