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The Wizard


Todd Holland
Luke Edwards
Vince Trankina
Wendy Phillips
Dea McAllister
Sam McMurray
Beau Bridges
Fred Savage
Will Seltzer
Roy Conrad
Jenny Lewis
Roderick Dexter
Ray Bickel
Chuck Skinner
W.K. Cowan
William C. Thompson
Sonny Dukes
T. Dan Hopkins
Jason Oliver
Rowdy Metzger
Preston Lee
Beth Grant
Gregor Hesse
Jackey Vinson
Tom Kerley
Frank McRae
Gene Skillen
Blair Anthony
Thomas Stanczyk
Jacqueline Lear
Valana C. Hatter
Terri Lynn Neish
Lee Arenberg
Steven Grives
Marisa DeSimone
Zed Frizzelle
Jim Pirri
David DOvidio
Tobey Maguire

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13th March 2013

At the UK box office this week Sam Raimi has his latest film turn into a blockbuster for Disney with Oz The Great and Powerful debuting at number 1.

A weekend gross of £3.7 million is enough for Oz to knock last weeks top film, Hansel and Gretel right down to the 6th place, the Witch Hunter film suffering a massive drop in it's second weekend of release.

Oz, a prequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz, had a strong opening but did not manage one of the top opening of all time.

Last year Disney was celebrating with a top spot debut for John Carter, it was no where near as strong as Oz, and terrible reviews killed it quickly, but the opening weekend was just why of £2 million.

Five years ago the Dennis Quaid vehicle Vantage point was the top film, making it's debut there with £1.4 million.

Ten years ago Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes were doing the romantic thing at the top with Maid In Manhattan which took £2.5 million on it's debut.

Fifteen years ago it was still all about Titanic at the top, having made £44.5 million by now with the highest new film Oscar winning Good Will Hunting debuting at 2.

Twenty years ago Dracula was still the top film while Steven Segal was fighting terrorists on a boat in Under Siege.

8th March 2013

Sam Raimi gives us a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Jason Statham is in full action form again and Barbara Streisand mothers Seth Rogan at the box office this weekend.

In Oz The Great and Powerful Sam Raimi directs James Franco and Mila Kunis in a origins story for 1939's The Wizard of Oz.

Parker, based on the 9th book in the Flashfire series, has Jason Statham joined by Jennifer Lopez in this crime drama.

The guilt Trip has Barbara Streisand being the overbearing mother to Seth Rogan in this light hearted comedy.

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UK BBFC Certificate: PG