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The Zookeepers Wife

21st April
The Zookeepers Wife

Directed by

Niki Caro


Johan Heldenbergh
Daniel Bruhl
Timothy Radford
Efrat Dor
Iddo Goldberg
Shira Haas
Michael McElhatton
Val Maloku
Martha Issova
Daniel Ratimorsk
Frederick Preston
Theo Preston
Viktoria Zakharyanova
Goran Kostic
Arnost Goldflam
Marian Mitas
Martin Hofmann
Jitka Smutna
Waldemar Kobus
Viktorie Jenickova
Adira B. Cole Abbett
Radick Cembrzynski
Hana Pindurova
Slavko Sobin
Alena Mihulova
Natasa Burger
Hana Frejkova
Magdalena Lamparska
Vilma Frantova
Magdalena Sidonova
Ester Kocickova
Petra Buckova
Roman Vejdovec
Roman Horak
Ladislav Hampl
Vaclav Neuzil
Brian Caspe
Jakub Smd
Gabriel Cohen
Josef Guruncz
Jaromr Nosek
Miliana Lenak
Jan Slovak
Jaroslav Achab Haidler
Rabbi Michael Dushinsky
Rabbi Shumi Berkowitz
Daniel Sidon
Anna Fialova
Marek Hula
Harry Thompson
Stepanka Fingerhutova
Jakub Koudela
Elias Bauer
Natan Tacevski
Josef Havrda
Tommy Kijas
Yaz Canli
Diego Delpiano
Patricia Kalis
Kristof Konrad
Anna Rust
Klementyna Umer
Alexander von Roon
Junes Zahdi

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Sun, 23rd April 2017

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Mon, 20th March 2017

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Review: Jessica Chastain Goes Dr. Dolittle in WWII Drama  RollingStone.com

It's an incredible true story, how a Polish couple sheltered Jews during WWII in their abandoned zoo in Warsaw. What a shame then, that in adapting the book by ...

Thu, 30th March 2017

The Revelatory Horror of The Zookeeper's Wife  The New Republic

In Niki Caro's adaptation of Diane Ackerman's The Zookeeper's Wife, the protagonist listens in fascination and horror, as Lutz Heck—a German zoologist, ...

Mon, 3rd April 2017

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Review: Maladaptation of the Species  The Wall Street Journal.

A single sequence can define the essence of a movie, or hint at what the movie might have been. In “The Zookeeper's Wife” it's the Luftwaffe's bombing of the ...

Thu, 30th March 2017

In 'The Zookeeper's Wife,' entertainment trumps Holocaust reality  Haaretz

It wouldn't have surprised anyone if 'The Zookeeper's Wife' star Jessica Chastain burst into song like a Disney princess.

Wed, 10th May 2017

4th April 2017

This week animated feature The Boss Baby takes a command over the box office and removes Beaty and The Beast from the top.

Making its debut this week Dreamworks new franchise film The Boss Baby which grosses $50 million on its debut.

The animations studio last release Home had an impressive run and debuted just a shade higher, if The Boss Baby can do similar numbers then were looking at close to $200 million US gross.

It was a close run race but Beaty and The Beast falls to number 2 with $47.5 million, the films total US gross is now $395 million after 3 weeks of release.

Ghost in The Shell makes its debut at number 3 this week with $19 million and much further down the box office is The Zookeepers Wife at number 10 with a debut of $3.3 million.

Highest total grossing movie on the US box office is Beaty and The Beast while the longest running film is Get Out, 6 weeks of release and this week is at number 7.

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21 April 2017