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Directed by
Benicio Del Toro
Jacob Vargas
Andrew Chavez
Michael Saucedo
Tomas Milian
Jose Yenque
Emilio Rivera
Michael O'Neill
Russell G. Jones
Lorene Hetherington
Eric Collins
Beau Holden
Peter Stader
James Lew
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Russell Solberg
Luis Guzmn
Don Cheadle
Don Snell
Enrique Murciano
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Leticia Bombardier
Miguel Ferrer
Carl Ciarfalio
Steven Lambert
Gilbert Rosales
Rick Avery
Mario Roberts
Eileen Weisinger
Keii Johnston
Mike Watson
Kurt D. Lott
Lincoln Simonds
Steve Tomaski
Buck McDancer
John Callery
Ousaun Elam
Brian Avery
Corey Spears
Majandra Delfino
Topher Grace
Erika Christensen
Alec Roberts
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Rena Sofer
Stacey Travis
Jennifer Barker
Dean Faulkner
Albert Finney
D.W. Moffett
James Brolin
Daniella Kuhn
Brandon Keener
Bill Weld
George Blumenthal
Stephen Dunham
Don Nickles
Margaret Travolta
Harry Reid
Jeff Podolsky
Jewelle Bickford
Barbara Boxer
Orrin G. Hatch
Charles Grassley
Dave Hager
Tucker Smallwood
Steven Bauer
Marisol Padilla Snchez
Amy Irving
Clifton Collins Jr.
Vctor Quintero
Toby Holguin
Ramiro Gonzlez
James Pickens Jr.
Peter Riegert
Elaine Kagan
Jimmy Ortega
Greg Boniface
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Rudy M. Camacho
Vonte Sweet
Ed Breving
Yul Vazquez
Jack Conley
Eddie Velez
Craig N. Chretien
John Brown
Mike Siegel
Joel Torres
Stephen J. Rose
Kimber Fritz
Harsh Nayyar
Mary Pat Gleason
Vincent M. Ward
Benjamin Bratt
Jsu Garcia
Gregory Estevane
Alex Procopio
Rita Gomez
Kaizaad Kotwal
David Jensen
Jay Krymis
Mike Malone
Ren Pereyra
Kymberly Newberry
Carroll Schumacher
Ben Scott
Michael Showers
Fred Anderson
David Bickford
Robert Randolph Caton
Cecile Cinco
Adam Clark
Chic Daniel
Alan Easley
Choel Evans
Rod Fielder
Tony Guma
Valerie Lynn Hanna
Elizabeth Jarosz
Dominic Koulianos
Zachary Lindsey
Ambrit Millhouse
David Pittinger
Darlynne Reyes Menkin
Laurent Schwaar
Joey Sotello
William Christopher Stephens
Lynn Struiksma
Clyde Tull
Fairly Tull
Jim Cody Williams
Anthony Hawkins Woods
William Young

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11th June 2014

The biggest of the weeks new releases hits the top of the box office with no current releases able to challenge it.

The 21 Jump Street sequel 22 Jump Street debuts at the top of the box office this week with a weekend take of around £4.8 million.

21 Jump Street was released in March 2012, a tougher time of year for a films release, it debuted at 2 taking £1.5 on it's debut going on to take nearly 10 million over 7 weeks. With better reviews this time around 22 should do better.

Jump Street removes last week top film Maleficent down to the runner up position although it still manages a £2 million weekend with a 10 day gross of £11 million.

Little else doing well on the box office this week, especially Grace of Monaco with enters the box office at 9 with just over £200,000 is takings, the one off D-Day concert did better from far less screens.

This time last year and despite the terrible reviews Will Smith and son debuted at the top with After Earth knocking The Hangover Part III to second place.

Five years ago the Terminator saga continued with Terminator Salvation taking over at the top on it's debut knocking Night at the Museum 2 down to second place.

Ten years ago Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban took over from The Day After Tomorrow at the top which fell to second place.

Fifteen years ago Notting Hill retained it's place at the top for a second week leaving Human Traffic to debut at 3 at the highest new film.

Twenty years ago Four Weddings and a Funeral was still the top film around with Beverly Hills Cop III and Bad Girls debuting well.

Twenty Five years ago Indianan Jones and the Last Crusade was still the top film in June with the Bond film Licence to Kill and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels debuting well.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £8,664,078 and is the 690th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 14

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