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Directed by
Ritchie Greer
Brian Krause
Phillip Andre Botello
Kevin Caliber
Sherry Hursey
Becca Buckalew
Hadley Scheff
Adra Janean Fenstermaker
Mark Krenik
Elle Sunkara
Madison Mae
Ariane Andrew
April Showers
Thomas Haley
Kim Estes
Daniel de Weldon
Juliet Rusche
Al Burke
Valeria Sweet
Keely Kathleen
Danny Hansen
Troy Musil
David Murrietta Jr.
Tatjana Bluchel
Amber Wegner
Veronica Farren
Beka Ricci
Sarah Brown Carter
Sophiah Koikas
Charles Chudabala
Ari Davis
Leonel Claude
Keta Meggett
Meena Amani
Peter Janov
Stephanie Noel Garrison
Kate Stephens-Miller
Ritchie Greer
Siena Bjornerud
Phillip Musumeci
Alexander T. Hwang
Xander Bailey
Kyle Devorroh
Caesar James
Yoshi Nurijumi
Raymond Vinsik Williams
Louie Mandrapilias
Marcus Allen Thomas
Marie Park
Dylan Shaun McCullough
Ryan Richko
Erik Russo
Luisa Vitor
Rufino Romero
Kaylee Garrett
Curtis Nelson II
Ken Black
Tiana Sharp
Ashley Guarrasi
Whitney Ann Duggins
Tobias J. Laurencin
Alies Orozco
Alicia Sellars
Jonathan Trovato
Jenna Marie Miles
Veronica Tharma
Halstan Williams
Wade O. Alden
Julie Raelyn
Erica Bergman
Isidoro Perez
Laurie Bass
Paul Wegner
Mark Reichard
Gerson Nkunku
Alexander Kleyman
Kofi Adofo
Cathy Deobler
Jackie Fallon
Mike Galindo
Demetra Kane
Andrew Daniel McGraw
Saki Bomb
David Ortega
Brittani Coronado
Marcus Short
Nick Cavalero
Audrey Orosco
Herby Moore
Melissa Kay Mickelson
Heather Johnson
Maggie Jesse
Mason Barshinger
Trent Bruce
Michael Angel Tovar
Anton Tescon
Aaron w Bell
Thamys Bertoldi
Ana Medina
Stanley Ross
Raul Tescon
Marlon Flores
Kim Ortega
David Johnson
Jose Arana
Arlene Murrietta
Uchechi Anukem
Tammy Mora
Dan Prosek
Faye Barshinger
David McRoy
Rachel Swendiman
Gene Arroyo
Johnmark Ridings
Jada Holgado

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News from around the web
Filmmakers follow Israel's underdog baseball stars  Canadian Jewish News

In 2017, Israel witnessed a miracle: its national baseball team qualified for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The tournament, which is held every four years, ...

Wed, 20th March 2019

Netflix Turned Hollywood Into An Underdog  Forbes

It took a few years, but 'Triple Frontier' and 'Bird Box' means that Netflix is starting to deliver on its promise of big-budget, old-school, adult-skewing studio ...

Thu, 14th March 2019

Sur Sapata review: This underdog film falls flat  Cinestaan.com

Sur Sapata is yet another sports movie about a group of underdogs But that is not its main problem.

Fri, 22nd March 2019

Anthem of the Underdog  Entrepreneur

Not many young aspirants have the gut or the skill to open not one but two businesses while still in college.

Thu, 21st March 2019

“Fighting with my Family” an enjoyably generic underdog story  Idaho State Journal

Highlighting the extraordinary story of WWE wrestler Paige, “Fighting with my Family” is a thoroughly entertaining, though predictable, underdog tale.

Fri, 8th March 2019

Food on film: When dining replaces dialogue in movies  Evening Standard

Dialogue done right is a powerful tool – but beauty, so often, is in the detail. On screen, small things capture the unsaid, integral to the way stories are told.

Fri, 22nd March 2019

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