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Directed by
Mick Jackson
Anne Heche
Gaby Hoffmann
Don Cheadle
Jacqueline Kim
Keith David
John Corbett
Michael Rispoli
John Carroll Lynch
Marcello Thedford
Laurie Lathem
Bert Kramer
Bo Eason
James MacDonald
Dayton Callie
Michael Cutt
Kevin Bourland
Valente Rodriguez
Sheila Howard
Gerry Black
Susie Essman
Lou Myers
Gareth Williams
Juan Gabriel Reynoso
Angela Albarez
Richard Penn
Jennifer Estlin
Mickey Cottrell
Darnell Suttles
Ken Kerman
Sal Rendino
Michael Manuel
Jared Thorne
Taylor Thorne
Richard Schiff
Brad Blumenthal
Pete Kasper
Brian Markinson
Robert Wisdom
Katie Rich
Ceal Coleman
Phil Nee
Gary Carlos Cervantes
George Zaver
Marty Levy
Wayne Grace
John Bishop
Marcia del Mar
Mother Love
Kayli DeGregorio
Kelsi DeGregorio
Steven Maines
Josie Dapar
Joy Baggish
Ron Perkins
Todd Sible
Joshua Fardon
Catherine Schreiber
David Pressman
Danny Comden
Michael McGrady
Michole Briana White
Steve MacLaughlin
Howard DuVall
Sam Alejan
Gary Kent James
Robert Tittor
John Perry Edson
David T. Mabowe
Ken Thomas
Eddie J. Low
Georganna Barry
Tom Crabson
Rick Rogers
Harvey Levin
Shepard Smith
Larry Carroll
Christopher Spinder
Penny Griego
Jeremy Thompson
Kerry Kilbride
Jennifer Bjorklund
Angie Crouch
Rick Garcia
Frank Buckley
Peter Trunk
Steve Edwards
Terry Anzur
Sasha Foo
Lonnie Lardner
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Rich Goldner
Alina Recasens
Juan Carlos González
Walter Richards
James Scott Hodson
Richard Saxton
Jere Laird
Sergio Urquidi
Luann Lee
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Dorothy Lucey
Jillian Barberie
Chris McWatt
Jane Wells
Jean Martirez
Karl T. Wright
Al Naipo
Andrea Wynn
Warren Olney
Takayuki Yamauchi
Bruce R. Orchid
Amy Ball
Pina De Rosa
Mark Gantt
Michael Haddad
Glenn Soo Hoo
Lew Knopp
Glenn Lutz
Scott McKinley
Steve Mora
John Ward Nielsen
Michael Power
Louis E. Rosas
Paul Shottner
Gary Anthony Sturgis
Jennifer Wellings
Alex Wexo

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11th October 2017

Its taken 35 years to produce a sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time and Blade Runner 2049 does what its predecessor couldn't and tops the box office.

Its hard to draw comparisons when there is such a gap between two parts but Blade Runner was considered a flop on release and only later was considered a classic, although not setting the box office alight as expected the sequel does manage a £6 million debut.

The reviews and the anticipation should have perhaps demanded a £10 million plus opening, but perhaps the long running time and stylised cinematography put people off.

Falling to number 2 after 2 weeks on top is Kingsman The Golden Circle which still manages a very respectable £2.1 million.

This brings the films total to date to £19.4 million, this means the film has in 3 weeks outgrossed the originals 9 week gross of £16 million.

Also new this week is The Mountain Between Us at number 4 with £0.7 million and the event feature Nora from the Met Opera (Norma Met Opera 2017) at number 7.

For the first time in 8 weeks there is a new highest total grossing movie, although it is Despicable Me 3 which is also the longest running film with 15 weeks, it has grossed £47 million.

Historical Charts

A year ago
The Girl on the train starring Emily Blunt was the top film making its debut while Bridget Jones's Baby fell to number 2.

Five years ago
Making its debut at the top was Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson while Looper fell to number 2 after a week on top.

Ten years ago
Ben still starred in the Heartbreak Kid which debuted at number 1 while Run Fatboy Run fell from the top after 4 weeks at the top.

Fifteen years ago
Disneys Lilo and Stitch took over at the top while signs fell to number 3 after 3 weeks at the top.

Twenty years ago
The Full Monty spent its 6th week at the top while the top new film was Volcano starring Tommy Lee Jones at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Patriot Games spent its second weekend at the top while the return on the Carry On films after 14 years away was the top new film at 2.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £3,325,278 and is the 1620th top grossing film in the UK

The film has a US gross of $49,323,468 and is the 1521th top US domestic film.

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Genres:Popular in: Netherlands and United States
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 6

Box Office History