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Why Him?


Why Him?
Tangie Ambrose
Cedric the Entertainer
Bob Stephenson
Megan Mullally
Zack Pearlman
Griffin Gluck
Jee Young Han
Mary Pat Gleason
Juliette B. Reiss
Melissa Graver
Steffen Dziczek
Jimmy Badstibner
Keegan-Michael Key
Jacob Kemp
Ramy Youssef
Brenda Good
Harrison Bieker
Richard Blais
Kaley Cuoco
Steve Aoki
Greg Worswick
Elon Musk
George Kareman
Adam Devine
Toby Turner
Casey Wilson
Andrew Rannells
Steve Bannos
Grace Ly Ngo Hazelett
Sadie Kate Ngo Hazelett
Craig Hosking
Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Amy Aitken
Lucy Angelo
Katelyn Brooke
Peter Criss
Isabel Dresden
Lynly Ehrlich
Stevens Gaston
Liam Gillen
Braxton Goe
Alex J. Joseph
Chris A. Liscomb
Jocelyn Marie
Derek McEntire
Arber Mehmeti
Isabelle Menard
Tim Neff
Saul Preciado-Garcia
Lee Stickler
Emely von Oest
Tricia Mary Young

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4th January 2017

The last box office chart of the year and Rogue One A Star Wars Story is still the top film across the country for a third straight week while top new film Why Him? comes in at number 2.

With a weekend gross that is showing only a gradual slow down Rogue One takes £5.9 million, this brings the films total gross to £52 million and makes it the highest grossing film released in 2016 in the UK.

Its still not the highest grossing film in the calendar year 2016 with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens £5 million ahead but for Disney/Lucasfilms to have a the one and two position of the year its been a great year for Star Wars.

Highest new entry of the week entering at 2 is the James Franco comedy Why Him? which takes a very respectable £2.1 million.

For a not franchise film and with Franco as the main headline this is actually a good debut, but with little publicity and very little word of mouth the film could sink fast.

Highest total grossing film is Rogue One while longest running film this week is The Secret Life of Pets which has now been in cinemas for 15 weeks and this week is at number 15.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was in its third week of release and at number one still and with nearly £100 million gross was close to being the top film in the UK ever, Joy was the top new film at 3.

Five years ago
making its debut at the top was Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol while Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows fell from the top to number 3.

Ten years ago
Night At The Museum was the top new film of the week making its debut at number 1 while Happy Feet fell to number 2 after 3 weeks at number 1.

Fifteen years ago
Two weeks at the top for The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring while the top new film was the remake of Mean Machine which landed at 3.

Twenty years ago
101 Dalmatians remained at the top for a third week while top new film was Daylight which made its debut at number 3.

Twenty five years ago
Making its debut at the top was Curly Sue while The Addams Family fell to number 3 after 2 weeks at the top.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 3

Chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £4,591,666 and the 1224th top grossing film in the UK