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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Directed by

Kieran Darcy-Smith


Felicity Price
Antony Starr
Nicholas Cassim
Otto Page
Isabelle Austin-Boyd
Tina Bursill
Wayne Blair
Valerie Bader
Pip Miller
Robbie Hislop
Annie Stirling
Fiona Press
Phillip Hinton
Alan Lovell
Susannah Hardy
Candice Storey
Paul Magee
Louisa Mignone
Chris Walker
Indiana OLoughlin
Ivy Mai Jones-Evans
Cameron Ealey
Amber Saxby
Jessica Chapnik Kahn
Farhat Imran
Khulud Alkuhaile Marry
Glenn Chow
Tri-Tue Tran
Russell Newman
Paul Wilson
Kenneth Innes
Kristina Ceyton
Amelie Asschers
Anton Enus
Nhuyen Tran Viet Khoi
Rous Mony
Bay Sach Kteauy
Le Binh Giang
Huynh Hai Minh
Huynh Thien Tho
Lam Mong Hoang
Vutha Soth
Pok Dyrama
Tai Dara
Kol Sreypov
Pov Buntha
Chansoua Chen
Din Chantha
Bo Sreynet
Vanny Ka
Srey Mey
Kheav Sreyneang
Sreng Somalee
Srey Thea
Srey Neat
Send Sreynet
Ya Rithy
Ya Ratha
Sor Him
Eoun Sokun
Seng Borin
Soun Somaly
James Carrick
Juan Burton
Richard Carwin
Lap Phan
Vico Thai

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Kenneth Bi's upscale China/Japan co-production set in the world of high fashion struggles to convince. Wish You Were Here. Dir: Kenneth Bi. China/Japan.

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