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Won't You Be My Neighbor

Directed by
Morgan Neville
Fred Rogers
Joanne Rogers
John Rogers
Jim Rogers
Bill Isler
Hedda Sharapan
Junlei Li
Max King
Margaret Whitmer
Tom Junod
Betty Seamans
Joe Negri
David Newell
Elaine Crozier
George Wirth
David Bianculli
François Scarborough Clemmons
Howard Erlanger
Pam Erlanger
Susan Stamberg
Nick Tallo
Yo-Yo Ma
Meara Malmberg
Howard Manask
Arielle Jae Rudd
Deisy Garcia
Eleanor Way
Lynden Liu
Mason Gloria
Lincoln Howell
Ayden Soria
McColm Cephas Jr.
Sophjie Seifert
Betty Aberlin
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Johnny Costa
Kailyn Davis
Ralph Ellison
Jeff Erlanger
Al Gore
Lorin Hollander
Lyndon Johnson
Robert F. Kennedy
Brian Kilmeade
Christa McAuliffe
Margaret McFarland
John O. Pastore
Penny Patterson
Tom Snyder

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Won't You Be My Neighbor

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Popular in: United States and United Kingdom

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9 November 2018