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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest
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25thframe.co.uk review of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest

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The original Pirates of the Caribbean film was what Hollywood nicely refers to as a Sleeper hit, meaning no one expected it to do well but it was loved by the masses and with a production budget of $140 million dollars someone somewhere at Disney must have thought it might be a hit. That film went on to gross an amazing $653 million worldwide.

As was inevitable with a film that makes that much money, a sequel was to follow, except in the case of this film two sequels were commissioned. This is I think a problem, whereas with The lord of the Rings trilogy where there is a very definite story arc and each film stand on it's own merits, as well as forming part of a trilogy, this just sits there as a film in the middle and really is 2 1/2 hours of scene setting for the next film.

The film starts with a wedding, the wedding of Elizabeth Swann to Will Turner, a wedding which is turned into a nightmare when the happy couple is arrested. They are both put in jail and sentenced to death but Turner is given an opportunity of a reprieve for them both if he will get a compass that is owned by the one and only Jack Sparrow.

And so the chase begins, Turner goes off in pursuit of the infamous Sparrow to save himself and his bride to be. He didn't bargain on two things though, a debt that sparrow owed to Davey Jones and Elizabeth escaping for jail and setting off in hot pursuit herself for Sparrow and Turner.

What follows is 2 hours or more of twists and turns and some spectacular special effects that try to keep the plot turning for at long as possible in order to extend the films running time.

What is there is mildly entertaining, the Davey Jones plot keeps things going and there is a couple of side stories, one involving Will Turner and his dad, who happens to be part of the crew of Davey Joneses ship and the other involves Elizabeth Swann's fianc' from the first film who is full out for revenge on Turner (excellently played by Jack Davenport).

I know that this is the second movie in what is to be a trilogy, and because of this the ending of this film has to leave you wanting more so you will pay your money to go and see the third film, but this, like The Matrix Reloaded, has an ending that simply leaves you frustrated because there is no ending as such, no conclusion. Film should end, even if they set story lines in motion for the next one, this is not a TV show where you only have to wait until the following week to see the next episode, a year is too long to wait.

The production of this film is lavish and no expense was spared, the special effects and simply stunning and the fishy look of the pirates is as convincing in daylight as it is in the dark.

The acting is as good as you would expect from a film of this standard, Johnny Depp didn't deserve an Oscar nomination for the first film, but if that is the standard set then he deserves to win it for his performance in this role.

Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley has much larger parts in this film, especially Bloom who I would argue has a bigger role, and more important, than Depp. The big guns for hire Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce and of course the brief appearance of Geoffrey Rush, all do their best to keep the panto going.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Perl has become a real fans favorite over the 3 years since it was release and it caused all things pirate to be trendy again, the follow up is simply a chaser movie that seems to serve no other purpose than spend 2 1/2 hours setting the scene for the final conflict, At Worlds End, lets just hope it is.