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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Directed by
Diego Luna
Alan Tudyk
Donnie Yen
Wen Jiang
Mads Mikkelsen
Jimmy Smits
Alistair Petrie
Genevieve O'Reilly
Ben Daniels
Paul Kasey
Stephen Stanton
Ian McElhinney
Fares Fares
Jonathan Aris
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
James Earl Jones
Valene Kane
Beau Gadsdon
Dolly Gadsdon
Duncan Pow
Jordan Stephens
Babou Ceesay
Aidan Cook
Daniel Mays
Andy de la Tour
Tony Pitts
Martin Gordon
Eric MacLennan
Robin Pearce
Francis Magee
Bronson Webb
Geraldine James
Ariyon Bakare
Simon Farnaby
Drewe Henley
Angus MacInnes
Gabby Wong
Richard Glover
Toby Hefferman
Richard Cunningham
Jack Roth
Michael Gould
Rufus Wright
Michael Shaeffer
Geoff Bell
James Harkness
Derek Arnold
Matt Rippy
Nick Kellington
Michael Nardone
Nathan Plant
Christopher Patrick Nolan
Warwick Davis
Dee Tails
Ruth Bell
May Bell
Angus Wright
Robert Benedetti-Hall
Alan Rushton
Richard Franklin
Weston Gavin
Nick Hobbs
Ingvild Deila
Guy Henry
Daniel Naprous
Spencer Wilding
Russell Balogh
Benjamín Benítez
Arthur L. Bernstein
Angus Cook
Anthony Daniels
Nick Davison
Ned Dennehy
Daniel Eghan
Scott Frazer
Sam Hanover
Benjamin Hartley
James Henri-Thomas
J. David Hinze
Luke Hope
Dolly Jagdeo
Attila G. Kerekes
Gary Kiely
Jorge Leon Martinez
Tyrone Love
Chris Marchant
Shina Shihoko Nagai
Emeson Nwolie
Hugh O'Brien
Mac Pietowski
Andrei Satalov
Albert Tang
Vince Taylor
Tony Toste
Sezer Unver
Sem van der Vegte
Sam Wilkinson
Boriana Williams
Steen Young
Andrew Zographos

25thframe.co.uk review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

25thframe rating:    

For the first time in nearly 40 year of Star Wars we are getting a film that does not follow the chronological story that started with the introduction of Anakin Skywalker and will end with … well the events of Episode IX.

This new film isn’t taking too many chances, it’s titled A Star Wars Story and takes place just before Star Wars: A New Hope - hope being a word that is used again and again during the film.

The film start with the immortal line A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away, but it then cuts to a scene in space where we see a ship, moving towards a planet, it misses the opening crawl.

The opening scene of Rogue One takes place 15 years before, it sets up some important narrative and character introductions before then leaping forward 15 years to show our female protagonist in captivity.

This film is no The Force Awakens, it falls far short of it in story, action, comedy and nostalgia, but despite its short fall is does have some fantastic moments, here is why.

If we look at a film as three acts, act one setting the scene and characters, act two the main action resolution of the initial problem and creation of the bigger problem/picture and the third act the resolution then this film has a ver slow and sometimes boring first act.

This doesn’t set the film up too well and as it moves to the second act it picks up the action but gets confusing, I felt as if the writers had presumed that everyone knew the backstory so they didn’t have to bother.

This third act is the money shot and is really where the film hold its best moments and is the 45 minutes of the film which ALMOST make you forgive the film for the previous 2 act, except for the last few minutes of the film.

The best bits really and how well it fits into Star Wars A New Hope and how it actually explains some of those niggling things, like why did they make it even possible to blow up the Death Star, and explain them - it does make Episode IV and Episode III better films!

**SPOILER ALERT** It is well known that Darth Vader is in the movie, excellent, but for me the movement and size of him was wrong and the ageing James Earl Jones just didn’t sound right, and I really wanted this to be a Jedi/lightsaber - less movie, but I suspect through re-shoots, there is a short scene at the end which has both Jedi action and lightsaber, and I hated it.

We also get the return of Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin, and CGI’d face which in a cameo would have been fantastic but it/he plays quite a role in the film and it does start to look more fake the more it appears.

This film end on a scene which really does then lead directly into A New Hope, it actually makes it feel better and it makes the Empires actions of capturing Leia’s ship seem like the obvious move, and yes there is a short but vaguely pleasing cameo from a CGI Carrie Fisher at the end.