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Spider-Man 3
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By the time the total takings for the (current) spider-man trilogy are totted up it is going to be one of the most sucessful trilogies of films that has ever been produced for the screen, but with the likes of Star Wars (origional trilogy) and The Lord of the Rings does this Marvel comic book favourite have the same clout as some of the classic?

Looking back for a moment the origional SPider-man that was so long in the making was a brilliant intriduction, it defined the characters as well as teach us the origins of Spidey and how he got his super human powers, the enemy was like all classic enemies someone connected to the hero who gives him that moral decision in the end. The second Spidey film was as good a follow up as you can get, as well as being actioned packed with a brilliant bad guy who was given depth the story arch started in the first film continued nicely and like the second Star Wars movie set the scene for the third film.

Now it's the turn of the concluding part to the trilogy, if indeed it is part of a trilogy, to round off loose ends in the story and give us all the satisfaction that we have been yearning for, so how doesit do? There are 3 central stories here that have a been a running theme through the films, Peter Parker and his relationship with Mary Jane, Harry and his obsession with revenge on Peter/Spider-man and Peters handling of being Speder-Man.

When the film openes were soon made to realise that Peter and MJ (Mary Jane) are a couple, in fact they are very much in love, but as Peter is dealing with the fame that Spider-man is giving him, MJ is having the reverse effect and finding it hard to handle the fact the she is not getting the fame she so wants.

Were soon introduced the 3 new characters, Flint Mrko who eventually becomes Sandman, Eddie Brock who eventually becomes Venom and Gwen Stacy who happens to be Eddie Brocks girlfriend.

Through various events that are far too coincidental to mention Spidey turns bad, looses Mary jane, Harry looses his memory but then regains it and there is a final confontation which as expected results in Mary Jane's lofe being in mortal danger and Spidey and New Goblin figting side by side.

Spider-Man 3 isn't a bad film, but saying that it's the weakest of the 3 films and is actually in it's full cut not a very good film, and this is one of the major complaints about Spidey 3, there is a good film some where in the 2 hour 20 minute film that is simply dying to get out.

The good: The fights and set pieces are great, the first fight with Peter (not Spider-man) is great and is one of the most meaning in the film as the actually understand why the fight is taking palce, there is history and meaning behind this fight.

The story is not bad in places and it does the job of concluding many of the story lines that took place in the first two films, even bringing back Uncle Ben in flash backs to bring Sandman in line with the story is handle mostly with conviction. The special effects are good, there isn't a great deal but what is there is handles well and fits on with the story telling, I think maybe sometimes they should have chosen a human Spidey in places where he is digitised but then it's easier to CG the guy that to get an actor to do it. The acting on the whole is good and although Kirten Dunst sulks thoughout most of the movie we feel her pain, James Franco and Toby Maguire to good jobs while the others are there to be bad guys and don't require that much acting. It's a pity that Bryce Dallas Howard wasn't given more screen time as her character needs to be more rounded if there are to be further installments.

The Bad: The film is too long, far too long. At 140 minutes a good half hour could have been taken out and with a re-edit this could have been better a better all round film.

The film is badly shot in places. Some of the set pieces are really hard to watch due to bad camera work and actually give a bad headache, I know this is a style of film making but when done badly it's hard to take.

There are ffar too many coincidences, it jsut so happens that the escaped convict that turns into Sandman is the real villain who killed Uncle Ben, it just so happens that Harry looses his memory, it just so happens that a metor lands with the black venom goo near Peter and MJ and attaches to his bike, the list goes on and on.

The film is silly in places, in fact during the middle part of the film when Peter reaches the peak of his arogence it's almost too bad to watch. Toby Maguire is not good as the arrogant Peter and what on earth is happening in the scene in the jazz club? One this that really annoys me in films, even fantasy film, is when the bend belief out side of the work they have created, although they have elements a unbelivability it has to stay real world believable, this fails.

The direction in the middle of the film. What happened, it's jsut terrible, had Sam Rami seen Saturday Night Fever and The Mask the night before. Peter walks down the street in a way that would make John Travolta wish he had never seen a dance floor, and the scene is the Jazz club looks like a poor mans rip off from The club scene in The Mask, Sam Rami what happened!

Despite all this I did enjoy the film, I got bored in the middle and wanted the final scene to come quicker than it did, I wish that Rami hadn't relied so much on coincedences and with a little more editing and trimming this woould have made a great third installment.

The latest installment is with us and the series does and so far with a bang, but this is half the problem, this should be the final installment of a great trilogy but the film is trying to be another installment in a long running series, so is it roll on part four?