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Gretel And Hansel

 87 minutes (1 hours 27 minutes)
UK release date
US release date Released: 31st January 2020  |  MPAA Age Rating:  Gretel And Hansel PG-13 age rating 
Gretel And Hansel

Directed by

Oz Perkins


Samuel Leakey
Charles Babalola
The Hunter
Alice Krige
Jessica De Gouw
Young Holda
Beatrix Perkins
Ian Kenny
Abdul Alshareef
Manuel Pombo
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Bad Boys For Life spends another weekend at the top of the US box office while a new horror spin on the Grimm fairytale Hansel and Gretel gets the highest debut at number 4.

Bad Boys For Life

Three weeks ago no one would have thought the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would have been such a big hit, and still be at the top of the box office, but here we are the the movie takes $17.6 Million, on a quiet Super Bowl weekend, to remain number 1.

This puts the movies total US gross at $148 Million and makes it the top grossing movie in the series to date.


The award winning movie takes top honors at the UK BAFTA awards over the weekend and remains at number 2 on the box office with $9.6 Million.

This gives the movie a total gross of $119.2 Million after 6 weeks of release.


It was a quiet weekend at the box office and Dolittle remains at number 3 with $7.7 Million giving it a $55.2 Million total gross after 3 weeks of release.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Gretel And Hansel</b></i></u></span>

Gretel And Hansel

Highest new film of the week enters the box office at number 4 with a weekend gross of $6.05 Million.

The studios weren't going to release a tentpole picture over the same weekend of the most watched television event of the year and this horror re-telling of the Grimm fairytale fit the bill perfectly.

The Gentlemen

Falling to number 5 this weekend is Guy Ritchies latest movie which takes $6 Million on its second weekend of release pushing its total to $20.4 Million.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Its on its way out of the box office now but the Star Wars sequel movie is the top total grossing film on the box office with $507 Million over a 7 week release period.


Longest run on the box office once again goes to the SOuth Korean movie which falls to number 14 this week and has been around for 16 weeks.

There is no moving Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from the top of the global box office as thie reunion as the Bad Boys stays at the top for a third weekend, and with a quiet weekend for new releases the top new film is Gretel and Hansel at number 7.

Bad Boys For Life

Beating all expectation before release the Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah directed movie spends its third weekend at the top of the global box office with $48.4 Million from 64 countries.

THe total global gross for the movie is now $290.7 Million and is now by far the top grossing of the series.


Sticking to number 2 this week is Sam Mendes World War movie that swept the BAFTA's last night, it takes $30.5 Million over the weekend from 53 countries.

THe movie, which is expected to do well at next weekends Oscars has a total global gross of $249 Million after 4 weeks of release.


After a poor start the Robert Downey Jr. movie is picking up fans across the globe and this week remains at number 3 with $25.4 Million from 64 countries.

The film has taken a better than expected $126.6 Million globally after 4 weeks of release.

Jumanji: The Next Level

The sequel movie may not have done the number Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle did 2 years ago but the film has still done well, remaining at 4 this week the film takes $11.3 Million from 59 countries for a total of $754.8 after 9 weeks.

Little Women

Falling to 5 this weekend is Greta Gerwig's retelling of the classic novel which takes $10.5 Million from 48 countries for a total gross of $162.8 Million after 5 weeks of release.

This version of the movie has far out grossed all other version by a large margin with the 1995 version directed by Gillian Armstrong coming closest with $50 Million global gross.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Gretel And Hansel</b></i></u></span>

Gretel And Hansel

No big new releases this weekend with the top new film this retelling of the Grim fairytale making its debut at number 7 with $7.5 Million from 18 countries.