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11th August

Directed by


Michael Keaton
Jack Nicholson
Robert Wuhl
Pat Hingle
Billy Dee Williams
Michael Gough
Jack Palance
Jerry Hall
Tracey Walter
Lee Wallace
William Hootkins
Richard Strange
Carl Chase
Mac McDonald
George Lane Cooper
Terence Plummer
Philip Tan
John Sterland
Edwin Craig
Vincent Wong
Joel Cutrara
John Dair
Christopher Fairbank
George Roth
Kate Harper
Bruce McGuire
Richard Durden
Kit Hollerbach
Lachele Carl
Del Baker
Jazzer Jeyes
Wayne Michaels
Valentino Musetti
Rocky Taylor
Keith Edwards
Leon Herbert
Steve Plytas
Anthony Wellington
Amir M. Korangy
Hugo Blick
Charles Roskilly
Philip O'Brien
Michael Balfour
Liza Ross
Garrick Hagon
Adrian Meyers
David Baxt
Sharon Holm
Clyde Gatell
Jon Soresi
Sam Douglas
Elliott Stein
Denis Lill
Paul Birchard
Paul Michael
Priscilla Cory
Harold Coyne
Clive Curtis
Serena Destouche
Pat Gorman
John Ketteringham
Roy Lansford
Pam Rose
Rachel Ryan
Christian Wolf-LaMoy

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12

Popular in: United Kingdom and Sweden

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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 10

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17 May 2019
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28th August 2019

Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro and directed by Todd Phillips, this alternative take on the Joker story gets a new trailer.

Hollywood has given us many takes on super heroes and villains but taking the direction seen in Logan we're getting a 'realistic' gritty version of the Batman villain Joker this year.

We've seen a trailer already but his one goes deeper into the story and the psyche of the main character as we follow him around a down and dirty Gotham City the film looks at how bitter and twisted the Joker gets before turning to a like of crime.

The film is released on 4th October and check out the trailer below.

4th April 2019

Taking the story of the villain from the Batman stories into a different narrative direction the first trailer for Joker has been released.

Directed by Todd Phillips who also brought us The Hangover series of films this re-telling of the villains story stars Joaquin Phoenix as the title character.

The film is released in the UK 4th October 2019 and is one of the more anticipated films of the year.

Check out the new trailer that was shown at CinemaCon below.

11th March 2019

The hype around Captain Marvel has been intense and there was little doubt this weekend that the first female led Marvel stand alone movie would do massive business at the US box office.

How To Train Your Dragon: THe Hidden World

Captain Marvel

The new marvel movie starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson trampled all in its path on the US box office with a magnificent $153 million opening from a record breaking 4,310 screens.

In America this is the third biggest March opening with only the live action Beauty and the Beast and Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice doing better.

The road ahead looks good for the Marvel superhero and the $1 billion mark looks a sure thing.

How To Train Your Dragon: THe Hidden World

Understandably falling from the top spot in the light of major competition the threequel dragon movie took $14.6 million over the weekend.

This brings the films total US gross to a very good $119.6 million.

A Madea Family Funeral

Tyler Perry's Madea movie falls to 3 this week with $12.05 million which pushes the films total gross after 2 weeks of release to $45.8 million.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The sequel brick movie falls to 4 this week with $3.8 million to bring its total to $97.1 million.

The animation should pass the $100 million mark but it is well below the originals $257 million US gross.

Alita: Battle Angel

Still in the top 5 is the Battle Manga movie which this week pulls in $3.2 million for a $78.3 million total gross.

13th February 2019

The follow up to 2014's hit film The Lego Movie makes its debut on the UK box offie this weekend although the 5 year gap has not been kind to the little brick movie.

Alita: Battle Angel

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Movie

Opening to a £4 million debut weekend the second lego movie has taken half that of the opening weekend of the first movie in the series.

It been 5 years since that movie caused a storm and despite the humour being very similar and the film generally getting good reviews The Batman Lego Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie were not well received and may have damaged the brands reputation.

Alita: Battle Angel

Heavily hyped as 'from producer James Cameron' and 'directed by Robert Rodriguez' this live action Japanese cyberpunk manga hits the UK box office at number 2.

Taking £3.1 million on its debut its in the same ball park but a little below Ghost In The Shell from 2017 which had bigger star appeal but reviews weren't as good.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

A single week at the top for the threequel dragon movie as it falls to number 3 this week with £2.7 million and a £9 million total after 10 days of release.

Green Book

Falling to number 4 on its second week of release the drama starring Viggo Mortensen takes just over a million to boost its 10 day total to £3.6 million.


Loosing steam fast now is the James McAvoy starring film which falls to 5 this week with £560,579 push its total just £9.6 million, it will go over the £10 million mark by next weekend.

Mary Poppins Returns

The disney film continues to be the top film so far of 2019 with a gross of £20 million although its total gross is £43 million.

The Favourite

The big BAFTA winning film is still the top film of the year for films released in 2019 with a £14.6 million total gross and is this week at number 13.

26th January 2019

The first Lego movie was a big hit in UK cinemas in 2014, as was The Lego batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie to a lesser extent, so expectations are high for this sequel.

U Certificate

Directing duties to go Mike Mitchell and Trisha Gum this time but judging from the trailer the humour and adventure are still there.

The BBFC has given the movie a U rating in the UK for very mild fantasy violence, language and the film has an official run time of 107 minutes (1 hour 47 minutes)