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Cinema Komunisto

Cinema Komunisto
Directed by
Mila Turajlic

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Four must see Serbian documentaries  Serbina Monitor in English

We are bringing you four must see Serbian documentary films that are highly recommended and have received excellent reviews from the audience and critics ...

Fri, 28th September 2018

Meet the 2011 Tribeca Filmmakers | “Cinema Komunisto” Director Mila Turajlic  Indie Wire

For 32 years, Leka Konstantinovic was the personal film projectionist for Yugoslavian president and noted film enthusiast Josip Broz Tito. Comprised of ...

Wed, 6th April 2011

Tribeca Q & A: Mila Turajlic on 'Cinema Komunisto'  New York Times

The first-time Serbian director Mila Turajlic, whose documentary “Cinema Komunisto” will have its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, faced a ...

Thu, 21st April 2011

Film Review: ‘The Other Side of Everything’  Variety

Director Mila Turajlić examines Serbia's political history through the eyes of her activist mother in this engrossing documentary.

Fri, 22nd September 2017

Document Human Rights Film Festival: Taking the radical road  The List

This year's strand, Radical Documentaries in the Middle East: 1967 and its Afterlives, highlights the impact of female filmmakers on representations of Arab life.

Wed, 12th September 2018

Serbia's Dramatic History Viewed From One Apartment  Balkan Insight

Serbian film director Mila Turajlic's new documentary film tells the story of her divided country's recent history, as it played out within one family's home.

Thu, 30th November 2017

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Cinema Komunisto

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