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UK release date Released: 15th July 2016  |  BBFC Age Rating:  Ghostbusters 12 age rating

Directed by


Kate McKinnon
Leslie Jones
Charles Dance
Michael Kenneth Williams
Ed Begley Jr.
John Milhiser
Ben Harris
Karan Soni
Bess Rous
Steve Higgins
Neil Casey
Dave Allen
Katie Dippold
Zach Woods
Nate Corddry
Daniel Ramis
Pat Kiernan
Michael McDonald
Jaime Pacheco
Adam Ray
Eugene Cordero
Davey Jones
Ryan Levine
Dan Teicher
Theodore Shapiro
Matteo Borghese
Ozzy Osbourne
Jeanine Ramirez
Jessica Chaffin
Jamie Denbo
Toby Huss
Matt Walsh
Andy Garcia
Cecily Strong
Cheryl Wills
Sam Richardson
Steve Bannos
Tom Yi
Susan Park
Milana Vayntrub
Tony Viveiros
Stephen Boss
Robin Shelby
Rosanna Scotto
Greg Kelly
Johnny Higgins
Al Roker
Ernie Hudson
Barry Ace
Phil Skippy Adams
Giovanni Alabiso
Joe Alo
David O. Ang
Kristen Annese
John Ardini
Stephanie Atkinson
Nick Austin
Michael Balzano III
Reuben Baron
Katrina Bellini
Amanda Blattner
Jim Boyd
Jin Yang Brancalhao
Thomas Brogan
Lori Burch
John J. Burke
Mark Burzenski
Christopher Cagle
Gary Carper
Danielle Cassettari
Roy Y. Chan
Chemi Che-Mponda
Kadian Clarke
Skye Cohan
Al Conti
Guy Cooper
Josephine Cooper
D.W. Cormier
Stevie Costa
Joy Costanza
Benjamin Crocker
Keenan Crosland
Christopher J. Davis
Tierre Diaz
Bob Dio
Steven Dougherty
Irina Egay
Michele Egerton
Raymond Esposito
Larry Eudene
Mark Falvo
Thomas Michael Flynn
John Franchi
Rocco Frattasio
Christopher Fung
Robert Glenn
Ed Goode
Jared M. Gordon
Tom Granger
Karl carlo Green
Elaine Victoria Grey
London Hall
Anita Harkess
Mackenzie Hawe
Erin Katrina Hayes
Hannah Heckman-McKenna
Arthur Hiou
Steven Howitt
Frankie Imbergamo
Charles Matumbi Jackson
Michael D. Joseph
Leigh Ann Karetas
Robert Kenney
J Parker Kent
Jessica Kent
Stephen Kyle
David Langill
Lauren Laperriere
Chris Librizzi
Max Liebetrau
Sigrid Lium
Ally Looney
Franco Luzzi
Paige MacLean
Marcus Majors
Michael Marchand
Daniel Martignetti
Joseph Massa
Jamie Mazareas
Mb X. McClain
Robert McEvilly
Sean McPherson
Jarrett Menard
Marely Mercedes
Robert C. Moseley Jr.
Joel Murray
Ken Murray
Lisa Nguyen
Nick Norrman
Joseph Oliveira
Richard Pacheco
Dennis Pietrantonio
Diane Pimentel
Rickland Powell
Leah Procito
Marinko Radakovic
Noel Ramos
Kyle Reardon
Steven Rears
Stew Replogle
Eddie Resendes
Floyd Richardson
Gary Roscoe
Lexie Roth
Paul Rudoff
Harold Rudolph
Frank Sabbath
John Santoro
Stephanie Ann Saunders
Nancy Ellen Shore
Ernie Slaughter
Alexandra Smith
Chaunty Spillane
David Struffolino
Michael Steven Swanson
Kallie Tabor
Lino Tanaka
Jillian Taylor
Carl Tempesta
Drew Tholke
Jordan Tofalo
Alejandro Ulloa
Nicholas Varga
Mike Vezza
Ian Vincent
Amy Whalen
Jamie Christopher White
Richard Wingert
Lisa Wynn
Ron G. Young
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27th April 2020
This 2016 reboot is one of the worst in cinema history. You can't beat the original Ghostbusters from 1984.
Larry Wyse

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News from around the web

As promised the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife is released and the ties to the original films are strong.

Directed by Jason Reitman and starring Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace the new trailer isn't what we were expecting and all the action takes place in a sleepy American town rather than New York as all previous films have, does that mean the famous fire station is not in the movie?

Its strongly hinted that the young lad in the trailer is Egon Spangler's (played by Harold Ramis in the original movies and sadly passed away in 2014) grandchild and he and his mother have come to the small town to sort out his grandfathers stuff.

It wouldn't be a Ghostbusters movie without ghosts and once the kids start to look into what his grandfather did they start to uncover equipment and the afterlife starts to rise again.

Paul Rudd also appears in the trailer and seems to be the only one who knows who the Ghostbusters were and recognises a ghost trap when presented, and it seems the trap might be full!

The movie of out in June of 2020, and judging by this is could be worth the wait.

The first trailer for the much anticipated Ghostbusters 3, now officially called Ghostbusters: Afterlife, will get its first showing Monday December 9th.

Sony Pictures

After the bad box office performance of the last all female led Ghostbusters the studio have changed direction with the series, and the new movie will see Ghostbusters of male and female and kids.

The movie is directed by Jason Reitman, son of the original director Ivan, and the cast includes the likes of Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon and Mckenna Grace.

Its also being hailed as a true sequel to 1989's Ghostbusters II, unlike the 2016 movie which was apparently set in a parallel universe, and as more of a reboot.

The new movie is out summer of 2020 and the anticipation, and fear, for the new movie is increasing.

Also check out the first real teaser poster to the left.

Vanity fair has been given the first look images which you can check out in the tweet below, but just check out Paul Rudd with the original style trap, fantastic!

It broke yesterday by entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly that Jason Rietman would direct a new Ghostbusters movie, or Ghostbusters 3.

<u><i><b>Ghostbusters</b></i></u> 3

Today the publication has a teaser video for the new film, which is due summer of 2020.

Nothing more is known about the film, but judging by the footage, and a tweet from the director, Ecto 1 will feature in the movie.

Check out the teaser below.

Source: ew.com

Despite the positive reaction to the 2016 Ghostbustes reboot the film did not do well at the box office and the studio lost faith in the series, but director Jason Reitman has just been confirmed to write and direct a new film in the franhise.

The director, son of Ivan who directed the originals, has a number of acclaimed films under his belt and has been a fan for as long as their have been Ghostbuster.

The film will be a direct sequel to 1989's Ghostbusters II and will have no connection to the 2016 female led movie by director Paul Feig.

We hope the reboot does get a sequel at some point as that was a good film despite he reviews and box office receipts, but a Ghostbusters movie in any form is a good thing and we look forward to this.

Summer of 2020 is the expected release date so not long to wait.

The big film of the week is from director Eli Roth who is more known for his gore slasher and violent movies, but here delivers a family friendly tale of magic and wonder.

A Simple Favour

The House With A Clock In Its Walls

The film stars Jack Black and Cate Blanchet and makes its debut on the UK box office with £3.3 million, for Black and Blanchet who have starred in some big profile movies this is a low gross but for Roth this is a good opening weekend.

A Simple Favour

Also new this weekend is A Simple Favour from director Paul Feig, it is his first directing outing since the critically panned Ghostbusters reboot from 2016.

Opening to £1.6 million it does well for the director, the film stars Anna Kendrick and Linda Cardellini.

King Of Thieves

Doing well at number 3 is King Of Thieves which takes £1.5 million on its second weekend to bring the Michael Cain film to £3.7 million total.

Crazy Rick Asians

Crazy Rick Asians has a good second weekend at number 4 on the box office and takes £1.1 million, down only a small amount from last weeks debut, this brings the film to £3.5 million total gross.

The Nun

Finally at number 5 is horror film The Nun which takes £1 million for the weekend taking its total gross to just under the 10 million pound mark.

The Predator

Last weeks number 1 film takes a massive tumble down the chart this week to number 7, its total gross is now £3.8 million after a £0.6 million weekend.