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Millers Crossing

Directed by
Gabriel Byrne
Marcia Gay Harden
Jon Polito
J.E. Freeman
Albert Finney
Mike Starr
Al Mancini
Richard Woods
Thomas Toner
Mario Todisco
Olek Krupa
Michael Jeter
Lanny Flaherty
Jeanette Kontomitras
Louis Charles Mounicou III
John McConnell
Danny Aiello III
Helen Jolly
Hilda McLean
Monte Starr
Don Picard
Salvatore H. Tornabene
Kevin Dearie
Michael Badalucco
Charles Ferrara
Esteban Fernández
George Fernandez
Charles Gunning
Dave Drinkx
David Darlow
Robert LaBrosse
Carl Rooney
Jack Harris
Jery Hewitt
Sam Raimi
John Schnauder Jr.
Zolly Levin
Joey Ancona
Bill Raye
William Preston Robertson
Michael P. Cahill
Sean Collins
Frances McDormand

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Millers Crossing

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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Highest chart position: 8

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