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Directed by
Tom McCarthy
Michael Keaton
Liev Schreiber
Brian dArcy James
Stanley Tucci
Elena Wohl
Gene Amoroso
Doug Murray
Sharon McFarlane
Jamey Sheridan
Neal Huff
Billy Crudup
Robert B. Kennedy
Duane Murray
Brian Chamberlain
Michael Cyril Creighton
Paul Guilfoyle
Michael Countryman
Tim Whalen
Martin Roach
Brad Borbridge
Don Allison
Patty Ross
Paloma Nuez
Robert Clarke
Gary Galone
David Fraser
Paulette Sinclair
Laurie Heineman
Elena Juatco
Nancy Villone
Wendy Merry
Siobhan Murphy
Eileen Padua
Darrin Baker
Brett Cramp
Joe Stapleton
Maureen Keiller
Jimmy LeBlanc
Tim Progosh
Neion George
Laurie Murdoch
Zarrin Darnell-Martin
Krista Morin
Paula Barrett
Mairtin OCarrigan
Rob deLeeuw
Nancy E. Carroll
Anthony Paolucci
Michele Proude
Richard O'Rourke
Len Cariou
Dennis Lynch
Stefanie Drummond
Mark McGrinder
Richard Fitzpatrick
Tom Driscoll
Jeffrey Samai
Moira Driscoll
Forrest Weber
Doreen Spencer
Janet Pinnick
Shannon McDonough
Shannon Ruth
Daniel Ruth
Jennifer Ruth
Timothy Mooney
Bruce-Robert Serafin
Donna Sue Jahier
Edward Brickley
Christopher Gallagher
Jeffrey Corazzini
Chris De Christopher
Irina Egay
John Franchi
Robert Kinar
David Afflick
Giovanni Alabiso
Lana Antonova
Raffi Atamian
Michael Balzano III
Sophia Bellas
David S. Bookbinder
David Boston
Van Brockmann
Mark Burzenski
Joe Cali
Joe Jafo Carriere
James Chilli Chillingworth
Terry Conforti
Shawn Contois
Guy Cooper
Edgar Damatian
Allison Dyen
Kris Earle
Faith Fay
Victor Franko
William Galatis
John Gigliotti
Robert Glenn
Tom Granger
Elaine Victoria Grey
Jed Griswold
Mark Haggett
London Hall
Becky Harvey
Arthur Hiou
Rosemary Howard
Steven Howitt
Richard Jenkins
Glenn W. Kane
Colleen Kelly
Jamie Mazareas
Gavin Monteiro
Randy Morris
Peter Morse
Alyson Muzila
Lance Norris
Josette Oberton
Joseph Oliveira
Richard Pacheco
Emilie Paquet
Dallas Peplow
Doug Reed
Stew Replogle
Eddie Resendes
Gary Roscoe
Michelle Roy
Ariana Ruckle
Harold Rudolph
Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo
Aaron Snyder
David Struffolino
Michael Steven Swanson
Carl Tempesta
Jami Tennille
J.P. Valenti
George J. Vezina
Kyle Viveiros
Peter Lewis Walsh
Amy Whalen
Teresa Wilson

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5th June 2016

Another big week for new releases and for the second week in a row an all new top 3 on the video chart with Goosebumps leading the way.

Starring Jack Black the film was released at the UK cinema on 5th February 2016 where it entered the UK box office at number 1.

The following week the film fell to number 5 and had a relatively short 6 week stay on the UK box office before disappearing.

In that time though the film did manage to gross a fairly reasonable £8.5 million although this is quite low for a Jack Black film for which King Kong is his highest grossing movie.

Also for director Rob Letterman it is his lowest grossing movie to date.

The rest of the top 3 reads like: Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is new at number 2 and Ride Along 2 is new at number 3.

Last weeks top film Spotlight falls right down to number 8 this week.

Soccer documentary Bobby is also new this week at number 12.

7th August 2009

With the sad passing of legendary '80's teen movie director John Hughes this week I find myself for the second time in a couple of months reflecting on my childhood, I grew up watching John Hughes movies as I did listening to Michael Jackson music.

John Hughes was a director and writer who was tapped directly into the teenage angst of the '80's, like almost no other writer of the time we demonstrated on screen and in words exactly what us teens at the time were thinking and trying to tell our parents.

It doesn't matter if it was Ferris Buellers rebelling against the school and deciding to have a day off, or 5 kids stuck in detention for crimes of simply growing up, the anguish a young boy, or girl, can go through when the object of their affection fancies someone else, these movies spoke to us and often spoke for us.

My personal favourite film of his is The Breakfast Club, as with all his films it has what is now considered a typical 80's soundtrack, but the moment you see Judd Nelson punch the air and hear Simple Minds chant "he he he" you know it's an iconic figure to last. Weird Science and Ferris Buellers Day Off of further examples of classic teen movies much loved by the kids of the generation and directed by Hughes, but it's the films he attached his name to as producer or writer which further show proof of his genius.

Although it's been nearly 20 years since his name was really in the spotlight with a big movie his legendary status has survived and he will be sorely missed.

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 7

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