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The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring
Directed by
Katie Chang
Israel Broussard
Claire Julien
Taissa Farmiga
Georgia Rock
Carlos Miranda
Gavin Rossdale
Stacy Edwards
G. Mac Brown
Marc Coppola
Janet Song
Annie Fitzgerald
Lorenzo Hunt
Timothy Starks
Rich Ceraulo
Joe Nieves
Nelson Rockford
Doug DeBeech
Erin Daniels
Patricia Lentz
Michelle Alegria
Stacey Turner
Brian Gattas
Logan Miller
Marcia Ann Burrs
Michael Yo
Halston Sage
Marshall Bell
Brenda Koo
Maika Monroe
Isabel Lasker
Adea Lennox
Keenan Henson
Rachelle Carson
Peter Bigler
Chad Brannon
Zoe Sidel
Cari Champion
Nina Siemaszko
Bailey Coppola
Yolanda Lloyd Delgado
Linc Hand
Brett Goodkin
Paris Hilton
Kevin Spencer
Bobby Ashhurst
Karl Risinger
Dale Champion
Deidre Arrington
Rebecca Cook
Kevin Deon
Kirsten Dunst
Sam Egber
Mark Heidelberger
Lindsay Lohan
Ryan McCabe
Gabe Mendez
Nicole Alexandra Shipley
Jennifer Shumaker
Roald Smeets
Erika Stillwater
Minn Vo

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The Bling Ring: Where Are Alexis Neiers, Rachel Lee and the Rest Now?  Us Weekly

Find out what the members of the Bling Ring are up to nearly a decade since robbing celebrity homes — get the details.

Fri, 26th October 2018

Why Hasn’t Sofia Coppola Gotten the Respect an Auteur Deserves?  The New York Times

She has the awards but is rarely mentioned alongside major filmmakers. Perhaps that's because, as her streaming features show, her subjects are privileged.

Wed, 20th February 2019

The Bling Ring Is Back, and It Came for Rihanna  Vanity Fair

The Bling Ring is back. No, this doesn't mean Alexis Neiers will leave another infamous voice mail for Vanity Fair's Nancy Jo Sales anytime soon. In 2010, Sales ...

Wed, 3rd October 2018

Why ‘The Bling Ring’ Is A Perfect Millennial Movie  Film School Rejects

Over the course of roughly the last two decades, Sofia Coppola has accomplished quite a bit as a director. She's emerged from her family's status as Hollywood ...

Sat, 5th May 2018

From 'Bling Ring' to babies: The reinvention of Alexis Neiers  Page Six

As she read Nancy Jo Sales' Vanity Fair profile on “The Bling Ring” — a group of seven teenagers (including Neiers) who burglarized homes of the rich and ...

Wed, 9th January 2019

Booksmart: High School Consequential  East Bay Express

Both the situation and the setting of Booksmart are familiar to the point of cliché. It's the last year of high school for two female best friends, in the teenage-movie ...

Wed, 22nd May 2019

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The Bling Ring

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 7

Weeks on box office: 3

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