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Two Weeks Notice

UK release date 7th February 2003
Two Weeks Notice

Directed by


Alicia Witt
Dana Ivey
Robert Klein
Heather Burns
David Haig
Dorian Missick
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
Jonathan Dokuchitz
Veanne Cox
Janine LaManna
Iraida Polanco
Charlotte Maier
Katheryn Winnick
Jason Antoon
Rocco Musacchia
Wynter Kullman
Francie Swift
Adam Grupper
Johnny Dee
John Cunningham
Mark Feuerstein
David Aaron Baker
Teagle F. Bougere
Mandy Siegfried
Mark Zeisler
Nadine Mozon
Tim Kang
Libby West
Sharon Wilkins
Mike Piazza
Shannon Fiedler
Becky Ann Baker
Adam LeFevre
Sebastian Rand
George Gearhart King III
Donald Trump
Norah Jones
Bill Bowers
William Thourlby
Elizabeth Owens
Dori Kancher
Marina Lutz
José Ramón Rosario
Pedro Astacio
David Boston
Sierra Brandt
Rick Canino
Craig Castaldo
Tammi Clayton
Carrie Collins
Dono Cunningham
James Denapoli
Paul Evans
Fabrizio Fante
Jimmy Gary Jr.
Susan Glaze-Harper
Jeannette Gould
Robert Z. Grant
Danny Hayden
David Jefferson
Alex Jordan
Diane Kimbrell
Deirdre Lorenz
Joanna Lu
Charles McClelland
Kirk McGee
David Mendell
Robert Myers
Délé Ogundiran
Nkechi Okoro
Nick Poltoranin
Raymond Prado
Tsuyoshi Shinjo
Frank Stellato
Patrick Tierney
Vancho Tolomanosi
Laura Voss
Bill Walters
Robin Weigert
Steven Weisz
Dolores Winn

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Two Weeks Notice

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Two Weeks Notice

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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Weeks on box office: 7

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19th February 2013

The Die Hard series continues to pull in audiences 25 years after the original film hit cinemas.

Bruce Willis, the undisputed star of the series, plays John Mclain again, the New York cop who seems to always find him self in difficult situations with guns! A Good Day to Die Hard is the highest new film and the new number one film with an opening gross of £4.5 million.

Other new films this week are This is 40 at 3, Beautiful Creatures at 5 and Sammy Great Escape, a sequel to 2010's A Turtles Tale, is new at 8.

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Five years ago Jumper debuted at the top of the box office becoming the highest new film and the number one film.

Ten years ago Hugh Grant was able to hang onto the top spot in Two Weeks Notice keeping Daredevil from the top which was the highest new film at 2.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was still at the top of the UK chart with the Kevin Klein starring In and Out the highest new film at 3.

12th February 2013

Disney end the 4 week run of Les Miserables with their latest animation, the video game inspired Wreck-It Ralph which tops the box office during it's debut week.

Ralph debuted with a £4.5 million weekend beating all in it's path with nothing coming any where near. Les Miserables fell to second place with a £1.6 million weekend on it's 5th week of release.

A year ago Daniel Radcliffe was starring in his first film post Potter and debuted with The Woman in Black at the top with £3.1 million knocking Chronicle to 5th.

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Fifteen years ago saw the only number one holder as Titanic spend another weekend as the top film with £4.2 million.