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4 Little Girls General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


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Year: 1997
 102 minutes (1 hrs 42 mins)
UK release date BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
US release date US release: 9th July 1997
MPAA Age Rating: 4 Little Girls TV-14 age rating 
Spike Lee
Maxine McNair
Self - Mother of Denise McNair
Chris McNair
Self - Father of Denise McNair
Helen Pegues
Self - Denise's Aunt
Queen Nunn
Self - Neighbor of Denise McNair
Arthur Hanes Jr.
Self - Defense Attorney for Bob Chambliss
Howell Raines
Self - New York Times Editor
Harold McNair
Self - Denise's Uncle
Carole C. Smitherman
Self - Denise's Childhood Friend
Wamo Reed Robertson
Self - Carole's Aunt
Dianne Braddock
Self - Carole's Sister
Carolyn Lee Brown
Self - Carole's Childhood Friend
Alpha Robertson
Self - Mother of Carole Robertson
Wyatt Tee Walker
Self - Former Executive Director of SCLC
Fred Lee Shuttlesworth
Self - Pres. of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
Florence Terrell
Self - School Teacher
Gwendolyn White
Self - School Teacher
Doris Lockhart
Self - Neighbor of Cynthia Wesley
Gerald Colbert
Self - Cynthia's Childhood Neighbor
Freeman Hrabowski III
Self - Cynthia's Childhood Friend
Shirley Wesley King
Self - Cynthia's Sister
Carolyn M. McKinstry
Self - Cynthia's Childhood Friend
David J. Vann
Self - Former Mayor of Birmingham
Bill Baxley
Self - Former Attorney General of Alabama
Albert Boutwell
Self - Former Mayor of Birmingham
Andrew Young
Self - SCLC
Taylor Branch
Self - Author
Nadean S. Williams
Self - Music Teacher
Janie Gaines
Self - Addie Mae's Sister
Rhonda Nunn Thomas
Self - Denise's Childhood Friend
James Bevel
Self - SCLC
Tommy Wrenn
Self - SCLC
George Wallace
Nicholas Katzenbach
Self - Former US Attorney General
Billie Harris
Self - Funeral Home Director
Ricky Powell
Self - Denise's Childhood Friend
Lillie Brown
Self - SCLC
Ossie Davis
Self - Actor and Playwright
Mahalia Jackson
Self - During March on Washington
Barbara Nunn
Self - Denise's Childhood Friend
John Cross
Self - Former Pastor of 16th St. Baptist Church
Barbara Cross
Self - Daughter of Reverend Cross
Morris Marshall
Self - 16th Street Baptist Church Member
Junie Collins
Self - Addie Mae's Sister
Diane Nash
Self - SCLC
Faye Davis
Self - Carole's Childhood Friend
Coretta Scott King
Walter Cronkite
Self - Special Correspondent CBS News
Bill Cosby
Self - Educator
Jesse Jackson
Self - Founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition
Reggie White
Self - Green Bay Packers
Ralph Abernathy
Self - with Martin Luther King
David Brinkley
Self - Reports on Chambliss Trial
Addie Mae Collins
Self (joint funeral)
Eugene Bull Connor
James Farmer
Self - with Freedom Riders
Martin Luther King
Spike Lee
Denise McNair
Self (at family gathering)
Cynthia Wesley
Self (joint funeral)