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Death On the Diamond Those aged 5 and older admitted, but not recommended for children under 14 years of age

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Year: 1934
UK release date BBFC Age Rating:  A age rating
Edward Sedgwick
Robert Young
Madge Evans
Nat Pendleton
Ted Healy
C. Henry Gordon
Paul Kelly
David Landau
DeWitt Jennings
Edward Brophy
Willard Robertson
Mickey Rooney
Robert Livingston
Joe Sawyer
Carmen Gould
Ernie Alexander
Brooks Benedict
Bruce Bennett
Ward Bond
Walter Brennan
Don Brodie
Francis X. Bushman Jr.
St. Louis Cardinals
Jack Cheatham
Heinie Conklin
Baldwin Cooke
Jules Cowles
Chicago Cubs
James Ellison
Jim Farley
Franklyn Farnum
Pat Flaherty
Sam Flint
Sumner Getchell
Fred Graham
Duke Green
Sherry Hall
Chuck Hamilton
Howard C. Hickman
Al Hill
John Hyams
Alice Lake
Marc Lawrence
Bert Lindley
Wilbur Mack
Ray Mayer
Roger Moore
James C. Morton
Jack Norton
Dennis OKeefe
Pat O'Malley
Garry Owen
Eddie Phillips
Jack Raymond
Sam Rice
Kane Richmond
Hector V. Sarno
Harry Semels
Gertrude Short
Larry Steers
Charles Sullivan
David Thursby
Fred Snowflake Toones
Max Wagner
Billy Watson
Bobby Watson
Allen Wood