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Fantastic Four 2015 Films classified 12A contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child. To help them decide, we recommend that they check the Ratings info for that film in advance.


Fantastic Four
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 100 minutes (1 hrs 40 mins)
UK release date UK release: 6th August 2015
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
US release date US release: 7th August 2015
MPAA Age Rating: PG-13
US total gross
  $56.1 Million
Global total gross
  $167.9 Million
Josh Trank
Stephen E. Rivkin
Miles Teller
Reed Richards
Michael B. Jordan
Johnny Storm
Kate Mara
Sue Storm
Jamie Bell
Ben Grimm / The Thing
Toby Kebbell
Victor Von Doom / Dr. Doom
Reg E. Cathey
Dr. Franklin Storm
Tim Blake Nelson
Dr. Allen
Joshua Montes
Quarterback Speech School Kid
Dan Castellaneta
Mr. Kenny
Owen Judge
Young Reed
Kylen Davis
Teasing School Kid
Evan Hannemann
Young Ben
Chet Hanks
Jimmy Grimm
Mary-Pat Green
Mrs. Grimm
Tim Heidecker
Mr. Richards
Mary Rachel Quinn
Mrs. Richards
Wayne Pére
Science Fair Judge
Rhonda Johnson Dents
Science Fair Judge
Barney Lanning
Science Fair Plane Kid
Dennis Thomas IV
Baxter Security Guard
Abhi Trivedi
Baxter Employee
Benjamin Papac
Baxter Student
Jim Gleason
Board Member
Gabe Begneaud
Trash Talk Car Driver
Anna R. Parsons
Girl Classmate
Brian Stapf
Reed's Guard (Area 57)
Ben VanderMey
Soldier (Area 57)
Elvin Presley
Drag Race Official
Brittney Alger
Street Race Girl
J.T. Rowland
Monkey Test Lab Technician
Gretchen Koerner
Reed's Scientist (Area 57)
Hunter Burke
Reed's Scientist (Area 57)
Han Soto
Reed's Doctor (Area 57)
Michael Mick Harrity
Military Interrogator (Area 57)
Melissa McCurley
Sue's Doctor (Area 57)
Jane Rumbaua
Johnny's Doctor (Area 57)
Anthony Reynolds
Airplane Military Official (Area 57)
Spence Maughon
Johnny's Technician (Area 57)
Lance E. Nichols
DC Senior Official (Area 57)
Deneen Tyler
DC Military Official (Area 57)
Marco St. John
DC Military Official (Area 57)
Shauna Rappold
Computer Military Tech (Area 57)
Fernando Rivera
Disguised Reed
Juan Corrigan
Barber Shop Owner
Jaylen Moore
Tarmac Guard
Tre Styles
Tarmac Guard
Adam Fristoe
Quantum Gate Scientist (Area 57)
Dina Morrone
Emergency Announcer (Area 57)
Don Yesso
Jackson Pyle
Government Caretaker
Jerome Andries
Baxter Security Guard #1
Michael D. Anglin
Baxter Board Member
Jonathan Antone
NYC Passerby / Student / Chechen Rebel
John L. Armijo
Local Cop #2
Tim Bell
Local Cop
Eric Berris
Science Fair Patron
Nicolas Bosc
Jodi Lyn Brockton
David Cleveland Brown
Hazmat Soldier
Kesha Bullard
Ben Scientist #2
Garret Caillouet
John Ceallach
David Michael Cefalu
Military Tech
Artrial Clark
Angry New Yorker
Markeith Coleman
Ball Player
Kyle Crosby
Baxter Tech
Robert DArensbourg
Senior Quantum Physicist
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.
Lab Tech
Doris Dean
Lab Tech
Santana Draper
Science Fair Kid
Heather Edelman
NYC Passerby / Scientist
Jeffrey Estiverne
Navy Seal
Vanex Favors
Osvaldo Fernandez
Delta Force Soldier
Kevin Gaddie
NYC Passerby / Driver
Alexandra Goel
Gloria Gonnillini
Civilian Lab Tech
Steven Hack
Lab Tech #1
John Henry
South American Rebel
Christopher Heskey
Delta Force Soldier #2
Nathaniel Holt
Military Tech
Samantha Hopkins
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Hospital Patient
Nick Killebrew
Science Fair Student
Steve Kish
Quantum Gate Scientist
Catherine Kresge
Lab Tech
Douglas Lacey
Area 57 Soldier
Cynthia LeBlanc
Baxter Institute Professor
Elton LeBlanc
Baxter Institute Professor
Britney Lucas
Science Fair Student
John Macphail Jr.
NYC Passerby / Chechen Rebel
John R Mangus
USMC Captain
Sheldon Maurer
Science Fair Student
Chris McKnight
Board meeting attendee
Mike R. Moreau
Military Tech
Duane Moseley
Area 57 Tech
Mike S. Murphy
Chechen Rebel
Ethan Myles
Military Offcial
Max Nadsady
NYC Passerby
Ravi Naidu
Ben Scientist #1
Clint Michael Naquin
Chechen Rebel
Keith Nussbaum
Area 57 Tech
Joseph Oliveira
Army Soldier
Jason Palombo
New York Cab Driver
Roger Pfeiffer
Will Phillips
NYC Passerby / Chechen Rebel
Andre Pushkin
Ukrainian Rebel
Diezel Ramos
NYC Passerby
Anthony Ramsey
Street Racer
Carlos Retana Jr.
South American Captive
Gus Rhodes
Science Student
Kurt Schlachter
Sue Storm's Doctor
Kerry Sims
Military Officer
Lisa Ann Smith
NYC Passerby
Andrew j Spinks
Air Force Major
Will Stone
Baxter Board Member
Baxter Board Member
Erica Summers
John Teal Jr.
Daryl Thibodaux
Lab Technician
Nathan Alan Thomas
Scientist Hazmat Suit
M. Jearl Vinot
Quantum Scientist
Alfonzo Walker
Samantha Warren
Competitor / Student
Aaron V. Williamson
Navy Seal
Stephen Wise
NYC Passerby
Jesse Yarborough
Baxter Board Member
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