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High Hopes 1988

No cover art for High Hopes
 108 minutes (1 hrs 48 mins)
Italy release date Italy release: 30th August 1988
UK release date UK release: 26th February 1989
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
US release date US release: 24th February 1989
US total gross
  $28 Thousand
Global total gross
  $1.8 Million
News from around the web

The Pixar movie Toy Story 4 has been age rated by the BBFC and given a U certificate for very mild violence, scary scenes.

The fourth film in the Toy Story saga has all your favourite characters back for more adventures, this time it looks like its set in a travelling amusement park and Woody seems to get lost with the rest of the toys of Buzz Lightyear, Rex and Mr Potato Head et el searching for him.

The original three films are considered one of the greatest film trilogies of all time sitting alongside the likes of the original Star Wars trilogy and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Hence there are high hopes for the new movie and judging by the trailers Pixar wont be disappointing us.

The BBFC have given the film a U age rating for very mild violence, scary scenes and it has an official run time of 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes).

The third film in the Johnny English series is released in the UK on the 5th October 2018 and is given a PG rating by the BBFC for mild comic violence, language.

Starring Rowan Atkinson and Emma Thompson the film is looking promising judging by the trailers and it should easily match the £20 million grosses of the previous films.

The previous two films have done good business in the UK so there are high hopes this this entry in the series.

Released on 15th May in the UK Deadpool 2 has been given a 15 certificate by the BBFC for strong bloody violence, sex references, very strong language.

If thsi film is anything like the original then it will be very violent and full of bad language, but it has a very comic book feel which probably kept it below the 18 rating.

The sequel stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in this offbeat Marvel film, that Disney wanted nothing to do with, and after the success of the first film we have high hopes for this.

2018 has kicked in and as always we take time to reflect on what is coming to the cinema in the coming 12 months and list the 10 films were looking forward to.

Normally this is an easy list to conceive, but this year we have had to narrow it down from a short list of 20 movie, so some films like All The Money In The World and The Press have missed the list, not because were not looking forward to them but these 10 films we are really looking forward to.

So here we are, in release order, the list of 10 films we are looking forward to in 2018.

The new film from Pixar, and although it doesn't capture us initially as much as say Finding Nemo or Toy Story it has things about it that cant be ignored, mainly its a Pixar movie.

Fifty Shades Freed
The last in the Fifty Shades series, we loved Fifty Shades of Grey, but hated Fifty Shades Darker, but were looking forward to this although we know it will have bad dialogue and probably flop!

The Shape of Water
Guillermo del Toro latest film and one which has had the critics overly excited, could be the directors best film since Pan Labyrinth.

Tomb Raider
Were old enough to remember the original video game and still have the memory of Angelina Jole in out heads, but this is a reboot and looks gritty and exciting.

Ready Player One
You cant ignore a good sci-fi films and you certainly can ignore it when Steven Spielberg has directed the film, this has the potential for highest grossing film of the year.

Avengers Infinity War
But then there is the third Avengers movie to think about, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly doing no wrong with audiences eager to spend money this could be a massive grossing film in 2018.

Solo A Star Wars Story
And then there is the annual (despite it only being a few months since the last one) Star Wars movie which although not part of the main saga is a film which will pull on the nostalgia of many fans and hopefully answer quite a few questions.

Deadpool 2
There is no denying the popularity of the original Deadpool film and the inevitable sequel will pull a similar crowd, lets hope its no Kick Ass 2!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Audiences love dinosaurs and all the time these films are making big bucks Universal will deliver, follow up the 2016 origianl and fifth in the series in total, expect big money if nothing else.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald
Suprisingly we though the original Fantastic Beasts was better than all the Harry Potter films so we have high hopes for this, and written by J.K. Rowling herself she knows this universe and how the please the fans better than anyone.

A fairly uneventful video charts this week - probably while the world waits for The Force Awakens - sees The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 stay at the top.

This is the third week, non consecutive, that the film has spent at the top of the UK video charts.

With no films moving in the top 4 the highest new film on this weeks chart is at number 5 in the shape of Victor Frankenstein.

There were high hopes for the film which was released on December 4th 2016 but despite the stars Daniel Radcliffe and James Mcavoy the film only entered the box office at number 8 with £431,125.

After 2 weeks the film was pulled from cinemas when it sunk to 11 on the box office and making less than a million pound, the film has probably already done better on home video.

Only one other new film this week, A Warriors Tale at number 15.

Roll on next week when there will be a little more to talk about with Mondays video release.