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Horton Hears a Who! A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child.

U films should be set within a positive framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror. If a work is particularly suitable for pre-school children, this will be indicated in the ratings info.


Horton Hears a Who!
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Year: 2008
UK release date UK release: 21st March 2008
 BBFC Age Rating:  U age rating
Global total gross
  $297.1 Million
Jimmy Hayward
Steve Martino
Jim Carrey
Seth Rogen
Isla Fisher
Jimmy Hayward
Jim Carrey
Steve Carell
Carol Burnett
Will Arnett
Seth Rogen
Dan Fogler
Isla Fisher
Jonah Hill
Amy Poehler
Jaime Pressly
Charles Osgood
Josh Flitter
Niecy Nash
Jesse McCartney
Shelby Adamowsky
Jack Angel
Caitlin Rose Anderson
Emily Anderson
Jan Rabson
John Cygan
Jess Harnell
Debi Derryberry
Samantha Droke
Karen Disher
Marshall Efron
Bill Farmer
Jason Fricchione
Heather Goldenhersh
Selena Gomez
Jimmy Hayward
Joey King
Christina Martino
Ellie Martino
Laraine Newman
Tim Nordquist
Colleen OShaughnessey
Laura Ortiz
Joe Pasquale
Connor Anderson
Isabella Acres
Bob Bergen
Jeff Biancalana
Madison Davenport
Teresa Ganzel
Kathy Graves Toon
Sherry Lynn
Danny Mann
Mona Marshall
Mickie McGowan
Madison Pettis
Grace Rolek
Jennessa Rose
Ariel Winter