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S.O.S. Titanic 1979

No cover art for S.O.S. Titanic
 180 minutes (3 hrs 00 mins)
Cast and Director

Directed by

William Hale


Harry Andrews
David Battley
Ed Bishop
Release dates
US release date US release: 23rd September 1979

PG age rating
Not Rated
Total grosses
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £0 stats
Total views:
First viewed:
6th Nov 2020
Last viewed:
8th Jun 2022

William Hale

Harry Andrews
Capt. Edward J. Smith
David Battley
Chief Boots: S. Stebbing
Ed Bishop
Henry Harris
Tony Caunter
Chief Officer: Henry Wilde
Nicholas Davies
Lift Attendant: Alfie King
Matthew Guinness
Catholic Priest: Father Byles
Jerry Houser
Dan Marvin
David Janssen
John Jacob Astor
Victor Langley
Band Leader: Wallace Hartley
Gerard McSorley
Martin Gallagher
John Moffatt
Benjamin Guggenheim
Aubrey Morris
Steward: John Hart
Nancy Nevinson
Ida Straus
Philip O'Sullivan
David Charters
Robert Pugh
James Farrell
Maurice Roeves
Leading Stoker: Fred Barret
Norman Rossington
Master-at-Arms: T. King
Geoffrey Whitehead
Thomas Andrews
Gordon Whiting
Isidor Straus
Paul Young
First Officer: Joseph Murdoch
Peter Bourke
Assistant Wireless Operator: Harold Bride
Shevaun Briars
Katie Gilnagh
Nick Brimble
Olaus Abelseth
Jacob Brooke
2nd Class Steward: John Hardy
Catherine Byrne
Bridget Bradley
Warren Clarke
4th Officer: Joseph G. Boxhall
Deborah Fallender
Mary Marvin
Lise Hilboldt
Rene Harris
J. Bruce Ismay
Kate Howard
Countess of Rothes
Karl Howman
5th Officer: Harold Lowe
Cloris Leachman
Molly Brown
Tony Maiden
Assistant Boots: E.J. Guy
Stewardess: May Sloan
Michele O'Connor
Kate Mullins
Rynagh OGrady
Mary Agatha Glynn
Toni Darling
Irish Beauty
Kevin O'Shea
Crow's Nest Lookout: Reginald Lee
Dorothea Phillips
Emma Bucknell
Anna Quayle
Woman Turkish Bath Attendant: Maude Slocombe
Beverly Ross
Madeline Astor
Carolle Rousseau
Madame de Villiers
Alec Sabin
Crow's Nest Lookout: Frederick Fleet
Susan Saint James
Leigh Goodwin
Madge Ryan
Stewardess: Violet Jessop
Ronan Smith
Daniel Buckley
Malcolm Stoddard
2nd Officer: Charles H. Lightoller
David Warner
Laurence Beesley
Philip Stone
Capt. Arthur Rostron (Carpathia)
Christopher Strauli
Wireless Operator: Harold Cottam (Carpathia)
Rhett Keene
Ian Abercrombie
Deck steward
Charles Bolton
Officer on Carpathia
Sheila Brennan
Andrew Byatt
Crows Nest Lookout
Stephen Calcutt
Praying Man
John Cannon
Man Trying to Storm Lifeboat
Tony Clarkin
Able Seaman
Phil Davis
Crows Nest Lookout
Emily Dean
Jim Delaney
Passenger Enjoying Band
Barbara Ewing
Mrs. Ismay
Peter Fontaine
Card Player
Norman Gay
1st Class Passenger
Charlie Gray
Passenger on Boat Deck
Aidan Harrington
Card Player
Tony Haygarth
Engineer Officer
Anthony Heaton
Quartermaster Hichens
Paddy Joyce
Irish Priest
Rosemary Leach
Mrs. Odgen
Arthur Malet
Andre Maranne
Michel Navratil
Jay McGrath
First Class Diner
Tony Mendleson
Ralph G. Morse
Disguised Man
Brychan Powell
2nd Titanic Gambler
Eddie Powell
Steerage Passenger
Mike Reynell
First Class Diner
Peter Ross-Murray
Drowning Sailor
Stuart Saunders
1st Titanic Gambler
Roy Scammell
Titanic Gym Instructor Thomas McCawley
Ronnie Stevens
Doctor McGee - Carpathia
Yankee Sulivan
John Tatum
1st Class Passenger
Cy Town
Steerage Passenger
Mickey Varey
Man Trying to Storm Lifeboat
Tony Vogel
Officer on Carpathia
Leslie Weeks
Passenger on Boat Deck
Robert White
Steerage Passenger
Tommy Windward
Card Player
Nicholas Young
Jack Thayer