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The Karate Kid 2010 General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


The Karate Kid
UK release date UK release: 30th July 2010
 BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
US total gross
  $176.6 Million
Global total gross
  $343.2 Million
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Still no sign of the US closedown ending anytime soon so the American box office is once more relying on mainly drive-in movie theatres for its figures.

This week the Dave Franco directed The Rental tops the box office with ease and is the widest release since the pandemic closed 99% of movie theatres.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 box office films in America 24th - 26th July 2020.

The Rental

Directed by Dave Franco this horror suspense movie takes the top spot with ease, last weeks Beauty And The Beast live action doesn't even feature on this week chart.

The movie takes $403.8K over its debut weekend giving the actor turned director a sizeable hit even under these strange circumstances.

The Karate Kid

Re-released movies are going to be a mainstay of the box office for the foreseeable future as studios keep on changing their release schedule and this week this 1984 classic is a 'new' entry at number 2.

The Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita starring movie takes $225K over the weekend with a total gross since release of $91 Million.

The Goonies

Climbing from last weeks number 5 to 3 is this old Richard Donner favourite which takes $176K over the weekend pushing its total in the US to $62.5 Million.

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg classic Dinosaur movie for 1993 stays put at 4 this week with $173K, the films has now taken $403.5 Million wince its release.

The Big Ugly

Highest new film of the week with this Scott Wiper directed movie which takes a modest $150K over the weekend.

The movie starrs among other Vinnie Jones and Ron Perlman.

It really has been the year of the remake and this week throws a little bit of a surprise for a remake of The Karate Kid which tops the chart ahead of a film version of The A-Team.

Jaden Smith (son of Will) takes the title role with Jackie Chan playing his mentor and trainer in the remake which takes $56,000,000 in the US over the weekend.

Maybe a little disappointing is the number 2 slot for the Liam Neeson headed A-Team film which can only manage a tiny $26,000,000, I really thought it would have done better on it's opening.

Shrek falls from the top to number 3 this week, and has a total US gross of $210,052,000.