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3rd Hobbit film named and dated

Robert Hyde
By: Robert Hyde
Date published: 3rd September 2012
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For those that missed the news on Friday/Saturday Peter Jackson has named and dated the 3rd Hobbit film, but it's not that straightforward

The new film will actually be inserted into the middle of the trilogy and so become the second film and the once second film, The Hobbit: There and Back Again will now be the third film.

The title of the new film will be The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug and will be released in December 2013, as was always the case with part 2 albeit previously with the old title.

Now part 3 will be release, not in December 2014 as many had thought, but on July 18 2014 and will be a big summer film instead. This is the thing that is actually causing the most controversy.

I actually agree, to have a Middle Earth film in July will feel wrong, the beauty of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the build up and excitement through the year and the seasonal release of the films added to the splendor, this July release will seem odd, and out of character.

Despite this and the fact that the bit Hobbit fans are claiming that there simply isn't enough material for 3 films and he's using a lot of material that is not directly The Hobbit, I am really looking forward to these films so roll on July 18th 2014 when they will all be released.

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