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Cinema release dates are starting to shift around ... again!

Robert Hyde

When cinemas first closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic the major studios started shifting their release schedule, with a new spike in the virus studios are starting to make even more changes.


Warner Bros. Recently changed the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 October 2nd and then just this week they moved Tenet to August 12th.

Now today Disney moves the release of Mulan, again, to August 21st, this is the second move for a movie that should have been released in March, just as the virus hit the world.

What is interesting is that it seems the studios are delaying the release of these film worldwide, although it is only the US which is seeing a large spike, especially in the south, of the virus.

The UK government announced this week that cinemas in the UK could start reopening from July 4th, and in much of Europe and Australia many cinemas are open already.

With the US expecting the surge to get even worse, with potential lockdowns happening again, it is anyones guess when it will be safe for cinemas to open.

You can expect there to be more rescheduled film coming, and I hate to say it but some films, Mulan, Bill & Ted Face The Music and The New Mutants to name a few missing a theatrical release and going direct to VOD.

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