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World Box Office Report Weekending 21st June 2015: Jurassic World retains its lead but Inside Out makes a strong debut

Robert Hyde

Jurassic World
Jurassic World is still there dominating the world box office chart and this week very nearly made it to the magic $1 Billion mark.

It will make it there in the coming days and in doing so will be the fastest film to make the mark in box office history, the current holder being Avengers.

A decline in box office of nearly 50% means Jurassic World takes $262 million from 67 countries over the last week, with some more countries to come this could start to challenge Avatar as the top film of all time.

Pixar release Inside Out, their first film in a couple of years, this week to great review and a world take of $132 million from 38 countries.

With many more countries to go Inside Out could be one of Pixar's biggest hits, Pixar films tend to have good milage and with the school holidays on us this could get repeat viewing.

With Inside Out and Jurassic World taking a large bulk of the world grosses this week for a film to come in 3rd with $29 million is great, and from only 3 countries, but SPL 2 has done just that.

Here is the world box office top 10 this week.

  1. Jurassic World - $262,518,525
  2. Inside Out - $132,056,000
  3. SPL 2 A Time for Consequences - $29,000,000
  4. San Andreas - $27,040,000
  5. Spy - $20,100,000
  6. Minions - $12,300,000
  7. The Classified File - $8,500,000
  8. Mad Max Fury Road - $7,715,000
  9. Insidious Chapter 3 - $7,112,000
  10. Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F - $7,000,000

This weeks top 10 World Box Office films

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