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Jane Got A Gun

(2015 )

Rodrigo Santoro
Noah Emmerich
Boyd Holbrook
Alex Manette
Todd Stashwick
James Burnett
Sam Quinn
Chad Brummett
Boots Southerland
Joel Edgerton
Nash Edgerton
Robb Janov
James Blackburn
Nicoletta Chapman
Billy Fuessel
Wynema Gonzagowski
Kristin Hansen
Sean Helean
Jahan Khalili
Rodger Larance
Ricky Lee
Robb Moon
Martin Palmer
Lauren Poole
Jaime Powers
Giuseppe Quinn
Kendra Tuthill
Mia Wagenman

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Disney have had some big hits in recent years and the live action version of The Jungle Book is one of them and has become a children's favourite.

The film was released into cinemas on 15th April 2016 and went directly to the top of the box office where it spent 2 weeks.

It then went on to spend a total of 14 weeks on the official top 15 and then, so far, another 5 weeks still in UK cinemas, the film is still on release currently.

The Jungle Books total gross in the UK, so far, is an amazing £46.1 million, it is the second highest grossing film of the year and the 33rd top film ever in the UK.

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The Huntsman: Winters War which entered the chart at the top last week falls to number 2 on its second week of release.

Also landing on the video chart this week is: Jane Got a Gun at number 9 and The Colony at number 13.

Released this week is Rachet and Clank and Gods Not Dead 2 which should have an impact on the chart next week.

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Non-chart history
22 April 2016
No chart information
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Total UK gross £31,448 and the 5598th top grossing film in the UK