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About 25thframe.co.uk

We are always looking for staff writers, designers and developers, if you love movies and are interested in working with 25thframe.co.uk in any capacity use the form on this page.

We had humble begginings at 25thframe.co.uk, it all started in 2004 by four guys who simply love movies.

What is the 25thFrame? Although a film can run at anything above 16 frames per second to give the illusion of motion it was eventually decided a cinema projector would run at 24 frames per second, when we named the website we thought we take you beyond the cinema so we take you to the 25th frame.

Our aim is to provide an informative website that is not driven by purely by advertising and doesnt have a large corporation trying to get your email address or data.

We looked at film websites in the early 21st centry and identified a gap for a movie site that was focused more on the movies themselves and what you think of them.

The inspiration came from sites like the original imdb.com (before Amazon bought them), boxofficemojo.com (also owned by Amazon), rottentomatoes.com and boxofficeguru.com, we wanted to give the movie fan a chance to enjoy rich content and contribute themselves, we are also obsesses with a movies box office figures.

15 years later and only 1 of the original 4 are still with the project full time (we have reamined friends and they still contribute), the website is still alive and well and we report on movie news and we do weekly reports on the UK, US and world box office performance.

Our real love though is knowing what you think, hearing your views and striking up debates about movies, good or bad!

25thframe key personelle:

Robert Hyde

Founder, CEO, occational writer and web developer

Robert is the founder of 25thframe.co.uk and is incredibly proud of how far the website has come from its original idea.

He has worked as a web developer for the likes of Amazon.com and eBay.com and as a proffesional website designer/developer can deliver whatever funstionality is needed to give out customers the best experience.

He has a film studies qualification and has been passionate about movies for most of his life, even having worked for Ritz Video Film Hire and Blockbuster Video for many years.

He loves to write film reviews although doesn't have as much time as he'd like to do it these days.

He is currently living in America as the sites American correspondent.

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

Lucy Roberts

Cheif Editor and writer

A professional writer by trade and has a degree to show her passion for it. She has worked at many of the biggest internet companies in theor content teams and currently works as a professional writer and wordsmith.

Favourite film: A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Simon Anderson

Website designer, developer and story ideas

Our design guru Simon has worked for many big agencies and internet companies but currently fulfils all our design needs and shares site development with Robert.

He loves going to the cinema and is especially keen on sci-fi movies, his most recent favourite movie was Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, opinions have split the office!

Favourite film: Star Wars

Julie Phillips

Writer, project manager and general office person

Newest member of the team and maybe the most passionate, she has had a few jobs in the internet industry and worked at a software developer previously writing help manuals but she loves writing and is very organised so we're willing to give her a try!

She is based in the UK and now acts as our UK correspondant.

Favourite Film: The Invisible Man