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About 25thframe.co.uk

25thframe.co.uk was started in 2004 by 4 guys who love films.

Why 25thFrame? A film has 24 frames per second, we take you beyond that to the 25th frame!

When we looked at film websites in the early 21st centry we identified a need for a movie site that was focused more for the UK box office fan.

The original inspiration came from sites like imdb.com, rottentomatoes.com and boxofficeguru.com, we wanted to give the UK film fan a chance to have their say, and we are obsesses with box office grosses and business.

10 years later only 1 of the original 4 are still with the project full time (we are all friends still and they still contribute), the website is still here and we report on film news and we do weekly reports on the UK box office and have an interest in the US box office.

Our real love though is knowing what you think, hearing your views and striking up debates about films.

Our current line-up of staff is as follows:

Robert Hyde

Founder, writer and web developer

Only member of the original team left so can be seen as the founder. Robert is a web developer who has worked at Amazon and eBay and currently has his own development company io42.co.uk.
Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

Lucie Hyde

Editor and writer

Professional editor and has a degree in journalism, has worked at Amazon and eBay and currently works as a professional writer.
Favourite film: Mamma Mia!

Simon Trimmer

Website designer and story ideas

Design guru Simon has worked for many big agencies but currently does everything for us, loves going to the cinema and is especially keen on sci-fi.
Favourite film: Star Wars

John Charlton

Writer and general worker

Newest member of the team, he does whatever we tell him to, has had a few minial jobs but loves writing and were willing to give him a try!
Favourite Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

We are always looking for staff writers, designers and developers, if you love movies and are interested in collaberating with 25thframe.co.uk in any capacity use the form above to let us know, there may even be a pay check at the end of it!