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The Party

(1968 )

Blake Edwards
Peter Sellers
Claudine Longet
Natalia Borisova
Jean Carson
Marge Champion
Al Checco
Corinne Cole
Dick Crockett
Frances Davis
Danielle De Metz
Herbert Ellis
Paul Ferrara
Steve Franken
Kathe Green
Allen Jung
Sharron Kimberly
James Lanphier
Buddy Lester
Stephen Liss
Gavin MacLeod
Jerry Martin
Fay McKenzie
J. Edward McKinley
Denny Miller
Elianne Nadeau
Tom Quine
Timothy Scott
Ken Wales
Carol Wayne
Donald R. Frost
Helen Kleeb
George Winters
Linda Gaye Scott
Vin Scully

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The domination of Jurassic World continues in the US this week as the film makes it 3 weeks at the top with nothing coming any where near it in that time.

A shade under a 50% drop in taking from last week has Jurassic World's weekend gross at $54 million which brings it's total gross now to $500 million in the US, it is the fastest film to make the landmark.

Pixar can't be forgotten in all this, under normal circumstances this would be the second week at the top for Inside Out, but it simply can't beat Jurassic World.

Highest new film of the week is Ted 2 which lands at 3, a decent weekend take of $33 million which in another week would have safely seen it get to the top.

The two headed force of Jurassic World and Inside Out could spoil the party for a number of other film in the coming weeks as well.

One other new film in the US charted this week, Max landed at 4 with $12 million.

Sorry about the pun! To mark the release of the full Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray for the first time BT turned the BT Tower into a giant Lightsaber, and pretty cool it looked too.

As luck would have it the body of the tower does resemble the handle of a Star Wars Light Saber, so they then projected a very powerful light from the top to get the effect.

Turning on the Lightsaber was the man behind C-3PO Anthony Daniels and the party that took place at the top of the tower was attended by many other stars from the saga.

If you feel you need to get the Blu-ray version of the films, with all the new changes that have happened over the past 40 years then you can buy it via Amazon.co.uk.

Check out the picture and video below to see the tower in action.

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UK BBFC Certificate: PG