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Act Of Valour

Act Of Valour

Directed by

Mike McCoy


Alexander Asefa
Jeffrey Barnachea
Kenny Calderon
Raul Canizales II
Drea Castro
Sam Cespedes
Jimmy Chhiu
Charles Chiyangwa
Antoni Corone
Jason Cottle
Jesse Cotton
Craig H. Davidson
Juan Diaz
Aurelius DiBarsanti
Pedro Sergio Escobedo
Jess Fernndez
Colin Fleming
Richie Gaona
Conrad Garcia
Nick Gomez
Dyonte Griffin
Carla Jimenez
Maria Juani
Dorian Kingi
Marissa Labog
Lydia Lane
Reginald Long
Francisco Lopez
Artie Malesci
Christian Mante
Gilbert Mares
Marc Margulies
Dimiter Marinov
Ailsa Marshall
Charles Mathers
Gonzalo Menendez
Angela Mora
Marco Morales
Sopheakna Ngourn
Victor Palacios
Sam Pascua
Mario Perez
Oscar Pesqueira
Ed Abel Pineda
Henry Pinpin
Jeymi Ramos
Sebastian Rey
Ernie Reyes Jr.
Emilio Rivera
Shawn Robinson
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Gilbert Rosales
Nicko Sabado
Sarifa Salanga
Zakaria Sall
Alfredo Sanchez
Roselyn Sanchez
Nestor Serrano
Ray Shirley
Sonny Sison
Dan Southworth
Philip Un
Alex Veadov
Odain Watson
Aspen Widowson
Keo Woolford

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Sat, 25th February 2012

Act of Valour  Irish Times

'NOW HE'S another watchman standing guard while our world sleeps..

Fri, 23rd March 2012

Navy Seal film Act of Valour tops US box office chart  BBC News

Action movie Act of Valour, which stars real-life Navy Seals, tops the US box office on its debut weekend with takings of $24.5m (£15.4m).

Tue, 28th February 2012

Selling 'Act of Valor': How a Targeted Marketing Campaign Led to a Big Opening Weekend  Hollywood Reporter

With more than 400 pre-release screenings, the studio set its sights on the military community, video gamers and young males to help a little film with no stars ...

Wed, 29th February 2012

'Act of Valor' Premiere Enlists Navy SEAL Talent Showcased in Film  Hollywood Reporter

Nobody from Hollywood wanted us to make it,” filmmaker Scott Waugh tells THR, after SEALs parachuted onto Sunset Boulevard.. “That's why we ended up ...

Tue, 14th February 2012

'Act of Valor 2' in Development; Will Focus on Elite SWAT Officers  Screen Rant

Relativity is moving forward with a new 'Act of Valor' movie, but the 'sequel' will focus on SWAT officers rather than Navy SEALs from the first installment.

Wed, 21st August 2013

Movie details
UK total gross
Act Of Valour

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: Philippines

Box Office Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 8

Weeks on box office: 2

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