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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Directed by


David Koechner
Christina Applegate
Dylan Baker
Meagan Good
Judah Nelson
James Marsden
Greg Kinnear
Josh Lawson
Fred Willard
Chris Parnell
Bill Kurtis
June Diane Raphael
Tom Clark
Jennifer Felton
Aubrey Graham
Daisy Pareja
Pearl McKay
Axel Ferrell
Magnus Ferrell
Mattias Ferrell
Eliza Coupe
Matt Rebenkoff
Paul Schneider
Brian F. Durkin
Zoe Myers
Clark Sarullo
Billy Woods
Anna Enger
George Faughnan
Paul Chappell
Fred Galle
Patrick J. Williams
Jamie Moore
Matt Cornwell
Dane Davenport
Dan Triandiflou
James Smith
David Silverman
Dave Pileggi
Clay Stapleford
Jayson Warner Smith
David Dwyer
Courtney Patterson
Kelly Tippens
Jon Hayden
Ron Prather
Gary Weeks
Stephanie Ming
Kellen Marcus
L. Warren Young
Darlene French
E. Roger Mitchell
Michael Menapace
Patricia French
Paula Pell
Andrew Feltenstein
John Nau
Mia D. Braswell
Simuel Campbell
Micah Stampley
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Karen Beyer
Brian Steele
Marion Cotillard
Micheal Neeson
Kirsten Dunst
Joe Washington
Jessica Brown
Margaret Moseley
Jessica Peralta
Rachel Acuna
Matt Amick
Evan D. Anderson
Olivia Austin
Olivia Claire Austin
Vernon Beckstrom
JoAnn Bernat
Larry A. Brewer
Brian Patrick Butler
Augie Buttinelli
Tim Campione
Frederick Carpenter
Mia Carpenter
Jon Cioffi
James Collins
Steve Coulter
Taber Cross
Ellie Decker
Gelin DiGennaro
Lisa Finlayson
Josh Forshee
William Frasca
Victor Gage
Jeff Glover
David Jonathon Grant
Tony Guerrero
Dawn Hamil
Lauren Henneberg
Moe Hindi
Rose Hughes
Matthew A. Hunter
C.C. Ice
David Itchkawitz
Michael Jaegers
Ginger Jensen
Lori Morkunas Jones
Bailey La Flam
Colin Lacativa
T. Alloy Langenfeld
Daniel T. Martin
Alberto David Mercado
Gary Miller
Aaron Taylor Morrow
Ryan R. Nitsch
Robert F. Nixon
Kate Nowlin
Phillip ORiley
John J. Palomino
Carly Jordan Pancher
Alex Parker
David Pascua
Christopher Payne
Courtney Pennington
Kimberly Pfeffer
Brittany Piacente
Beth Pilgreen
Arvell Poe
Brandi Quinn
Thomas Raimondo
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
Dennis Rees
Esperanza G. Reyes
Joel Rogers
Shade Rupe
Nancy Sandlin
Gina Santiago
Richard Saxton
Lori Beth Sikes
Dave Simmons
Sarah E. Spencer
Matthew Stanton
Natalie James Taylor
Randall Taylor
Don Teems
Joshua Timog
William Tokarsky
Kevin Tomkins
Rob Tunstall
Ken Venzke
Caroline Wade
Steve Weinberger
Kanye West
Hannah Westerfield
Luke Westerfield
Tony Westerfield
Hal Whiteside
Kelli Wilcoxen
Amanda Q Williams
Nickolas Wolf
Alanna Wykoff

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

UK BBFC Certificate: 15


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