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Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday
Directed by
Oliver Stone
James Woods
LL Cool J
Matthew Modine
Jim Brown
Lawrence Taylor
Bill Bellamy
Andrew Bryniarski
Lela Rochon
Lauren Holly
Elizabeth Berkley
Charlton Heston
John C. McGinley
James Karen
Gianni Russo
Duane Martin
Clifton Davis
John Daniel
Terrell Owens
Irving Fryar
Joe Schmidt
Ricky Watters
Patrick O'Hara
Jerry A. Sharp
Marty Wright
Mazio Royster
Todd Smith
Jamie Williams
Craig Thomson
Greg Orvis
Rick Johnson
Bjorn Nittmo
Matt Martinez
Pete Ohnegian
Brian E. O'Neal
Robert L. Goff
Joseph Unitas
J.V. Goodman
Skip McClendon
Derrick Lassic
Fred Lester
Eric Miller
Todd Eric Yeaman
Clyde Sherman
Connell Spain Jr.
Otis Mounds
Matt Storm
Michael Osuna
Connell Maynor
Marty Hochertz
Robert Gordon
Barry Wagner
Richard McKenzie
Sean Hamlet
Robert Grogan
Nyle Wiren
Michael Groh III
Len Johnson
Basil Proctor
Mathew Keneley
Kevin Reid
Tony Egues
Marc Claus
Michelle A. Porachan
Tyler Cravens
James A. Bachand
Jason Rubenstein
Art Young
William Hanlon
Allan Graf
Joseph W. Underwood
Timothy F. Crowley
Steve Raulerson
Phil Latzman
Barry Switzer
Mark Robert Ellis
Anthony L. Tanzi
Joseph A. Wilson
Margaret Betts
Antares Davis
Liz Petterson
Lester Speight
Daniel Marino
Alexandra L. Hellman
Hunter White
Kirsten Krueger
Tonya Oliver
Mary Fanaro
Kathy Alzado Murray
Nikki Novak
Lisa Ann Phillips
Joanna Theobalds
Amy Dorris
Sarah Penman
Sacha Voski
Cat Stone
Carin Abnathy
Micah West
Christy Tummond
Eva Tamargo
Debbie Howard
Tucker Brown
Bob St. Clair
Y.A. Tittle
Pat Toomay
Dick Butkus
Warren Moon
Johnny Unitas
Bruce C. Hardy
Moet Meira
Rhonda Adams
Glynnis Lawson
Jessie Alexander
Melissa Jayne
Sarah Bredell
Michelle Beisner
Cleo Bayla
Luna Abdi Mohamed
Olivia Fullerton
Biba Mbayi
Jaime Bergman
Dawn Crawford
Gwendolyn Osborne
Celia Evans
Nichole Robinson
Janet Manns
Andrea Horka
Hermine Kraljevic
Mercy Lopez
Maria E. Heredia
Jeannie Mustelier
Delia Sheppard
Donna Preudhomme
Jack G. Spirtos
Mauricio de la Vida
Sean Stone
Michael Stone
Tara Stone
Frank J. Adler
Doug Cowden
Antoni Corone
Drew Rosenhaus
Hunter Reno
Dorothy J. Morrison
Vincent DiFatta
Jim Gasser
Allen Reidel
Luciano Armellino
Myriam Davoisne-Bruni
Rosa Iveth Cortez
Melinda Renna
Doris Condom
Mario Avila
Sherman Big Train Bergman
Michelle Bernard
Andy Bray
Joshua David Brown
Tracie Bruce
Ian Campbell
Robert F. Cawley
Wilt Chamberlain
Sean Corrigan
Estefania Crespo
Dita de Leon
Darlene Demko
Trish Dempsey
Jeremy Denzlinger
Oscar A. Diaz
Kim Dufour
Lanette Fugit
Dennis Funny
Karin M. Gaarder
Gene Gabriel
Evan Scott Golden
Will Green
Pride Grinn
Jade Hanley
Dana Hanna
Alex Harder
Paul Heckmann
Philip Hersh
Justin D. Hilliard
Sylvie Hoffer
Beau Holden
Kitty Kavey
Monika Kramlik
Richard Lack
Ronald Lang
Marcus Laurinaitis
Jacques Maroun
Laura Meadows
Rick Michaels
Mitch Morris
Paul Neglio
Robert Paget
Lyndale V. Pettus
Elizabeth Powers
Tina Powers
Jess Price
Al Quinn
Tamer Riad
Lexa Rosean
Jose Rosete
Stacy Slanina
Oliver Stone
Sam Tang
Tammy Vallejos
Jani Vorwerk
Mark Edward Walters
Olivia Weston
Kokoa Woodget Aubert

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Many of the themes in Any Given Sunday hold up surprisingly well in 2019, whether you've seen the movie a dozen times or are catching it for the first time.

Fri, 10th May 2019

NFL language: from Hail Mary to Pick-6 on Any Given Sunday  National Post

NEW YORK — Like most sports, football has its own lexicon. Here's a look at 32 words and phrases — one for each franchise — that have long been identified ...

Fri, 10th May 2019

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Instructional tennis videos pulled together into a new film show the genius of McEnroe in its fiery glory, says Simon Brew.

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'The Replacements' Is Both a Bad Football Movie and a Bad Romantic Comedy  Sports Illustrated

Bad Football Movies is back with Episode 4 of The MMQB's newest podcast.

Fri, 24th May 2019

More makes our championships all the merrier for all  Irish Examiner

The year before Oliver Stone blinded us – and one linebacker in particular – with Any Given Sunday, Pat Comer hit us with A Year 'Til Sunday, one of the first ...

Wed, 22nd May 2019

Cameron Diaz Earned An Enormous Paycheck For A Totally Random Movie  Celebrity Net Worth

Cameron Diaz has been charming audiences since her film debut at 21 in 1994's The Mask. She stole the show against a then red-hot Jim Carey. A big part of ...

Fri, 24th May 2019

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Any Given Sunday

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Any Given Sunday

UK BBFC Certificate: 15


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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 3

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