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Directed by
Amber Heard
Willem Dafoe
Dolph Lundgren
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Temuera Morrison
Ludi Lin
Michael Beach
Randall Park
Graham McTavish
Leigh Whannell
Tainui Kirkwood
Tamor Kirkwood
Denzel Quirke
Kaan Guldur
Otis Dhanji
Kekoa Kekumano
John Rhys-Davies
Djimon Hounsou
Andrew Crawford
Sophia Forrest
Natalia Safran
Micah Ohlman
Jack Andrew
Frankie Creagh-Leslie
Sophia Emberson-Bain
Ilya Melnikoff
Hank Amos
Kyryl Koltsov
Patrick Cox
Luke Owen
Robert Longstreet
Devika Parikh
Sonny Le
Jon Fabian
Mabel Tamone
Rita Dinardo
Anthony Standish
Nicolette Bianca
Victor Leto
Vincent B. Gorce
Gabriella Petkova
Oriana Iacono
Pearl Grantham
Noa Tsuchiya
Alice Lanesbury
Nicolas Bosc
Joshua Levinson
Henri Aasamae
Patrick Atchison
Will Bergman
Leo Castro
Harry Cummins
Sasha Dulics
John Gettier
Daniel Goodwin
Bailey Hendy
Tahlia Jade Holt
Lane Howson
Wayne Huang
Beau Jones
Ross Kernahan
Braden Lewis
Jordan Lewis
Niam Mayes
Salvatore Merenda
Marco Minici
Sam Monaghan
Winnie Mzembe
Rhianna Palmer
Kai Pantano
Anna Patch
Sam Price
Jon Quested
Jon Reigle
Bella Rose
Thomas Sebecke
Bobby Silva
Dylan Stumer
Rafael Torrijos
Mikey Wulff
Connor Zegenhagen
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Thu, 14th February 2019

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Sun, 17th February 2019

Aquaman is now the biggest DC comic movie of all time at the box office  Polygon

James Wan's spinoff tops all three Christopher Nolan Bat-films in worldwide totals, making star Jason.

Sun, 27th January 2019

Box Office: 'Aquaman' Is The Leggiest Live-Action Comic Book Superhero Movie In 25 Years  Forbes

With $1.1 million on Tuesday, Aquaman may hold off the whole "under $1m-per-day" thing until next Monday (or it may drop today, on its 34th day). If it holds off ...

Wed, 23rd January 2019

5th February 2019

It was the Super Bowl over the weekend in America and with no notable new relases Glass remained at the top with The Upside not far behind, Miss Bala was the top new film.

Miss Bala


M. Night Shyamalan phycological comic book triller spends its third weekend at the top with a $9.5 million weeeknd.

This pushes the films US total gross to $88.6 million and leaving the $100 million mark close.

The Upside

The Kevin Hart starring movie spends its third weekend at number 2 taking $8.85 million which gives it a total gross of $75.5 million.

Miss Bala

Highest new entry of the week is at 3, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Gina Rodriguez the stylish action film takes $6.7 million on its debut.


James Wan's DC comic book film is still doing very well 7 weeks in and this week is at 4 and takes $4.7 million taking its US gross to an excellent $323.5 million.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Finishing off the top five in this very quiet weekend is the Oscar nominated animation which boosts its US total to $175.2 million after a $4.4 million weekend.

4th February 2019

It was a slow weekend at cinemas this week but with How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World expanding into more countries the film tops the chart, French film Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu? is the top new film.

Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The threequel expands into 42 countries this week and tops the global box office in the process taking $40.2 million over the weekend.

This pushes the films total global gross to $84.4 million.


The former number 1 film falls to number 2 this week after 2 weeks at the top with a weekend gross of $21.7 million from 55 countries.

This pushes the film total gross to $198.9 million after 3 weeks of release.

Extreme Job

The Chinese film is still only released in 1 country and this week moves to number 3 with a weekend gross of $20.8 million.

The film now has a global gross of $45.2 million.

Green Book

The Oscar nominated film expands to 45 countries this weekend and takes $16.2 million which boosts its total global gross to $81.3 million.

Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?

Highest new entry of the week is at number 5 in the shape of the French sequel which is released in 3 countries and makes its debut with $12.8 million.


The DC comics adaptation is at 8 this week and while still released in an incredible 78 countries it passes another milestone as its total gross sits at $1.1 Billion.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Queen bio-pic directed by Bryan Singer is at number 10 this week and is still going strong as its total gross hits $832 million.

28th January 2019

Glass remained at the top of the global box office this weekend although the big story is that the "family friendly" version of Deadpool 2, Once Upon A Deadpool 2 opened big in China to push it back to number 2.

Deadpool 2


Remaining at the top for a second week the M. Night Shyamalan hit film took $42.6 million from 56 countries, this boosts its total global gross to $162.6 million meaning it will soon to the directors biggest film.

Deadpool 2

Released in much of the world over Christmas of 2018, hence the retitle to Once Upon A Deadpool 2, the re-cut version of the film hit China this week and $21.4 million opening, this takes the films total global gross to $767.6 million.

Extreme Job

The Chinese film was only released in the one terretory this week but still took $20 million taking it to number 3 on the global box office and the highest new film of the week.


The DC film reached another milestone this week as it is now the top grossing DC film ever beating The Dark Knight Rises from 2012.

A $15.1 million weekend from a massive 80 countries gives the film the fourth spot and takes the films total global gross to $1.09 Billion.

Creed II

The second Creed movie is doing better than the original movie and this week add $13.8 million from 45 countries to boosts its total gross to $190.9 million.

28th January 2019

With nothing of note in the way of new releases it was easy for M. Night Shyamalan Glass to stay at the top of the box office while The Kid Who Would Be King is the highest new film at 4.

The Boy Who Would Be King


Hanging on for a second week at the top is the Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy triple header which takes $19.04 million on its second weekend.

This brings the films total US gross to $79.5 million punching its way to the $100 million mark.

The Upside

With a virtually static top 5 the Kevin Heart comedy drama is at 2 this week with a $12.2 million weekend on its third outing, this brings the films total gross to $61.1 million.


Still pulling in audiences on its 6th weekend to the tune of $7.3 million is the DC monster which boosts its total US gross to $316.5 million.

The Kid Who Would Be King

Entering the box office at number 4 this week, and the only change in the top 5, is the fantasy adventure from director Joe Cornish and starring Rebecca Ferguson.

While not pulling in the audience like the studio would have liked it still manages a $7.2 million opening weekend.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

The award winning animated feature takes $6.15 million on its 7th weekend boosting its US total to $169 million.

21st January 2019

All change again at the top of the global box office with M. Night Shyamalan new film Glass taking over from Aquaman, there were no other new film on the top 10.



M. Night Shyamalan brings his blend of mystery and story twists to his latest film which this week takes over at the top of the global box office.

The film which stars Samual L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy takes $90 million from 56 counties on its debut weekend.


Still doing well on a global level is the Transformers movie which this week is at 2 and takes $25 million from 65 countries to bring its total global gross to $412.3 million.


Falling from the top spot this week after celebrating the $1 billion goal the DC movie takes $24.6 million from 80 countries which boosts its total to an amazing $1.06 billion.

The Upside

After an impressive debut last week the Kevin Hart comedy/Drama is at 4 this week taking $17.7 million from 44 countries which boosts its total global gross to $48 million.

Escape Room

Finishing off the top 5 this week is the horror film Escape room which is still showing in 17 countries and take $14.7 million for a $53 total gross.

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