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Back To The Future Part II General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


108 minutes (1 hours 48 minutes)
27th October
Back To The Future Part II

Directed by


Michael J. Fox
Marty McFly / Marty McFly Jr. / Marlene McFly
Christopher Lloyd
Doctor Emmett Brown
Lea Thompson
Thomas F. Wilson
Biff Tannen / Griff
Elisabeth Shue
James Tolkan
Jeffrey Weissman
George McFly
Casey Siemaszko
J.J. Cohen
Charles Fleischer
'Michael Jackson' Video Waiter
Jay Koch
'Ronald Reagan' Video Waiter
Charles Gherardi
'Ayatollah Khomeini' Video Waiter
Ricky Dean Logan
Darlene Vogel
Jason Scott Lee
Video Game Boy
John Thornton
Video Game Boy
Theo Schwartz
Hoverboard Girl #1
Lindsey Whitney Barry
Hoverboard Girl #2
Judy Ovitz
Antique Store Saleswoman
Stephanie Williams
Officer Foley
Marty Levy
Cab Driver
Jim Ishida
Nikki Birdsong
Al White
Junior Fann
Shaun Hunter
George Buck Flower
Neil Ross
Museum Narrator
Tamara Carrera
Jacuzzi Girl #1
Tracy Dali
Jacuzzi Girl #2
Jennifer Brown
Basketball Kid #1
Irina Cashen
Basketball Kid #2
Angela Greenblatt
Basketball Kid #3
Cameron Moore
Basketball Kid #4
Justin Mosley Spink
Basketball Kid #5
Lisa Freeman
John Erwin
Radio Sportscaster
Harry Waters Jr.
Marvin Berry
David Harold Brown
Tommy Thomas
Lloyd L. Tolbert
Granville Danny Young
Wesley Mann
Joe Flaherty
Western Union Man
Crispin Glover
George McFly
Todd Blood
Dance Extra
Sean Michael Fish
King Neptune
Donald Fullilove
Goldie Wilson III
Bernie Grant
Ramon Rojo
Eric Kay
Annette May
Marc McClure
Dave McFly
Mary Ellen Trainor
Officer Reese
Gian Maria Volonte
Ramon Rojo

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21st October 2015

Its Back to the Future Day, the day in Back to The Future Part II when Marty, Doc Brown and Jennifer arrive from 1985.

Celebrate by not just watching Part II but Part I and III as well.

7th October 2014

There was little doubt over what would be the top film this weekend at the UK box office, and with ease the David Fincher directed Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck debuts at the top.

It's weekend take of £4.1 million Gone Girl makes a very impressive October debut. It has a long way to go for it to be Ben Affleck's top grossing film which is currently Shakespeare in Love from 1999.

Director David Fincher also has an impressive box office record, his best film to date being 1995's Seven, his second film, and considered a classic.

Coming in quite respectably in second is Dracula Untold which debuts at number 2 with £1.7 million.

Falling a single place to number 3 this week is The Equalizer which add's £1.2 million to make a 10 day total of £4.3.

Last weeks top film was an event movie for one day only, which actually had some encore screenings which means it hans on and makes £114,000 this week but, as expected, tumbles down the chart this week.

Historical charts

1 year ago
Prisoners stayed at the top of the box office for a second week while the top new film was Filth at two.

5 years ago
The Fame remake stayed at the top for a second week leaving the highest new film to enter at two, The Invention of Lying.

10 years ago
Tennis film Wimbledon kept hold of the top spot leaving Layer Cake to debut in the runner up spot.

15 years ago
Adam Sandler starred in the highest new film of the week, debuting at one with Big Daddy, The Haunting fell to number two after a week at the top.

20 years ago
October 1994 saw the dominance of The Lion King keep it at the top film of the month while Pulp Fiction and Frankenstein debuted strong in the top 5.

25 years ago
The big film of October 1989 was Back to the Future Part II which was the top grossing movie, Septembers top film Shirley Valentine was still doing well.

9th September 2011

Remember the film Back to the Future Part II (I know it wasn't the best)? Then do you remember the self tying trainers that Doc Brown gave Marty Mcfly to put on when they first arrive in 2015, no? Well you will soon be able to own a pair for real.

Nike have made a limited edition set of 1500 pairs of the shoes for which they are auctioning off 150 pairs at a time over at ebay.com (the current set are at over $8,000 already) and the net proceeds are going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Fox being the star of Back to the Future and suffers from the condition himself.

There are a number of videos that have been produced to promote the shoes and the auctions which I have posted below. The auction is only available in America, but if you are lucky enough to live there, or indeed be visiting then this is a great chance to own a bit of the future, and 4 years early.

(Please note that these shoes do not actually self tie!)

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Back To The Future Part II

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Back To The Future Part II

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Back To The Future Part II

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